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    Shavawn Coleman

    From the days of Olmsted to 2013, landscape architecture has evolved in so many ways! To industry standards, I am a ‘youngen’ with only 7 years in the field. Even since I was in college things have changed quite a bit. The newer graduates are talking about programs I have never heard of! Then I come across various articles about landscape design apps! Landscape architecture in the palm of your hand… who knew?! You can play the drums and have a talking cat on your phone, why not design too!

    What other tools have you found that help out on your design?

    Check out some of the apps here!

    Andres F. Pineda

    Hey Shavawn,

    Two of the most used and probably only tools that I always see my self going back and forth to for every project are:

    My Measures & Dimensions and MagicPlan when I am on the go. They allow me to get a quick sense for scale and opportunities at site.

    Houzz app, is a great app to refresh your ideas and break away from your typical design mindset.

    Shavawn Coleman

    Andres, I love using Houzz! I am on there all the time to get some new inspiration. I’ll have to look more into Measures and Dimensions and MagicPlan. Those might actually help out a lot on my next project! Thanks for your comment!


    1. I like myPantone, although it may be more helpful for computer work/graphics. It lifts the color palette from an image and gives you the recipe to match (RGB, etc) in photoshop, etc.

    2. Sun Surveyor is good for plotting sun/shade in smaller scale work. You can look through the camera on your phone to see where the sun will be at different times of year relative to what you see on your camera/screen. 

    3. In the SE US, Dirr’s Woody Plants is available as an app. Dirr is my plant reference of choice, and it’s handy to have it convenient. (The book is huge and heavy!)

    I wish they would make a Time Savers/Standards app or audio book to help me study for the LARE. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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