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    Craig Richmond, RLA

    You are a lot like Trump. Deflect, blame, and obsessed with the boring, but likeable guy who just left office. I know it’s the Kenyan mastermind’s fault. He inherited an economy that was running on all cylinders in 2009, and tanked it. It was all gravy in the USA before Barrack. He was such a regular family guy and effective president (considering constant opposition) that I’m starting to forget about him already.

    It’s a sad story you’re telling. I’ve never felt so powerless that I needed to directly blame any president for my woes.  We’re responsible for where our own lives. Talk about ‘snowflakes’.

    Speaking of Bush, I miss him now more than I ever would have imagined. Even though you can some up W’s presidency as a major disaster, Trump is a real downgrade from any Bush.

    That’s the spirit Bob, stand by your guy. He needs your support because things are not looking good right now. It’s looking like he’s in deep. I don’t think he’s a diabolical criminal though; he’s just stupid and got duped. I’ll bet there are butts so tight right now at the WH, they’re squeaking. 

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    Yes sir, your ‘fighter’ ran out of his own office so fast yesterday that he forgot to sign his own EO and show his signature off like a 4-year-old, like he usually does. The scary reporter asked him a softball question about General Flynn and he slinked out of the Oval Office with his tail between his legs. The optics of VP Pence fetching the visibly broken Trump’s pen and unsigned papers was embarrassing for every citizen in this country. His body language said it all. He just said, ‘F’ it and walked out on all of us. He doesn’t care anymore and all he wanted to do was escape the heat that he brought on all by himself. I’m sickened by the thought of that coward sending our military men and women into battle.

    He really needs to get more sleep. I could understand if he was actually functional and didn’t need his daughter and son-in-law around all of the time to keep him from making a complete fool of himself and possibly blowing up the country. He’s driven all right, driven to feed his hungry ego, even at the cost of damaging his own offspring’s lives for years to come. The mighty Trump brand is a joke now. Sadly, that could be another thing that does him in. I don’t wish any harm on the guy; I just want him to go away.

    The benevolent Trump tells us he’ll give up his $400,000 salary, while funneling tens of millions of private, US government and foreign dollars towards his businesses. I’ll bet he’s made more that 400k in silly red MAGA hats since he was elected. Give me a break; are you that gullible?

    You’re right it must be difficult to work for him, especially if you happen to be a woman that he’s attracted to. I could image how it must suck for the person who just wants to do their dream job and pay the bills, but hates life because they have to deal with some disgusting boss trying to hem them up in a corner. I’ll bet you’re ok with that because he’s gentleman enough to pop a couple of Tic-Tacs before he gets all grabby. I know, I know, but Bill Clinton…

    Please stop making excuses for the president, he’s a big boy. Wake up Bob! There’s a reason why Dem, Independent and Rep sharks are swirling the tank right now. They’re sensing that they’re going to be gorging on a wounded pink fleshy mammal soon. 

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    That’s funny, you said you were done sometime ago. Yet you came back to hurl personal insults when your political argument was extremely weak. I guess that’s what, cowardly, bullies like you and our president do. Seriously, you actually take time research people so that can attack them personally and you’re telling me how to manage my time. If you had half a brain you would realize most of my social media activity is to drive traffic to my website to improve my ranking. If you pay attention, you’ll see most of post are promoting Landscape Architecture and environmental stuff. So at least there’s a method to MY madness. I guess in a strange, roundabout way you’re helping me to grow my business.

    I’ve seen the work you’ve proudly posted on this site and I have no need to go after you because everyone can make their own judgement pertaining to the quality of it. I’m not going to go too hard on you personally Bob, because you’re way too easy a target.

    However, there are two things you are right about:
    1. As of last week, I’m no longer a registered independent. But, I will continue to vote for individuals and not just for party.
    2. This is not a political website. Funny how after weeks of posting political propaganda that you just noticed. My apologies to all members, I feel that there should be a counter to the nonsense being spewed. Like I said I made a commitment to do my part.

    Lastly, you do know that you can be an independent and a liberal at the same time, right? So if you’re done, I’m done.

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    Bob—I hope that you understand that I have never looked at you or people who believe as you do as the enemy. I believe you are a counter to the left-wing craziness (like murderers just need hugs, kind of stuff). My attacks are primarily at the POTUS and not the party or conservatism. After all of the dialog that you and I have had on this thread, I think you and I are more alike than we are different.

    The lesson I learned recently is: the real power in this country, whoever they may be, wants us to fight and demonize each other so that we’re so distracted that we don’t see what they’re really doing to us. Believe me, I know that I have more in common with a Republican Landscape Architect than I do with a Democratic hedgefund manager. Right now the problem is that there are mega-wealthy folks on both sides who are working on their 5th vacation home while screwing shareholders and employees out of what they deserve. That’s the stuff that Americans should be pissed about regardless of their political leaning. So maybe this and other conversation like this one will trigger us working stiffs to focus on the real problem.

    I stand corrected. You’re nothing like the person I compared you to; you’re cut from a completely different cloth. And I owe you an apology for that shot. I’m sorry. It takes a real man/woman to not dig in just to save face. That was pretty stand-up of you and that’s a quality that I place more value in than someone’s monetary accomplishments.

    The business is doing well, but I’m not turning away work just yet-thanks. How ironic that you are there, I started my career there in the DFW area, so that’s just one more thing we have in common. I cut my teeth on the mid-cities ‘McMansion’ boom in the 90’s.

    Thanks for the chat. I truly believe that it was constructive, eventhough it was off-subject.

    Best regards,


    Edward G Hamm

    I do think that evaluating the Trump administrations impact on our profession is shortsighted and trivial.  This man will do his best to damage lives and the environment for his own personal gain.

     When I worked in New York no respectable professional would work with this man.  He has incredibly bad taste and a record of not paying his consultants.  If you just spend a few moments watching him you will see that he is a true narcissist.  Most likely his lack of leadership will result in 4 years of no infrastructure or transportation funding.  This will negatively impact landscape architecture and more importantly our nation and the world environment.

    Edward G Hamm

    Anyone who thinks that a wall can be built along the Mexican Border is as deluded as Trump.  Its costs will be stratospheric.  If it is real a wall, and not a fence, the drainage implications are enormous and expensive.  We are talking pumps to move water over the wall here at the base of a major drainage basin.   A wall like this will require a parallel road system on both sides just for US security.  Drugs are coming through the existing vehicular pass-through so that problem will not be addressed. Most of the land is privately owned by US landowners who do not want to sell.  Eminent domain will be required and will be challenged in court for decades driving up all road and wall construction costs and compel eventual non-completion.  This 2000 mile construction will defiantly cost upwards of 1 trillion if all goes smoothly.  This cruel and ineffective idea was tossed out to the Trump Base to appeal to their racist and uniformed anger.  It worked. Shame on America.

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    Trump is causing landscape architects to not stand by their own words as they start to see the writing on the wall. How embarrassing.


    Well done, President Trump (June 1, 2017)…….pulling the U.S. out of the “PARIS Agreement”.  Why should the U.S. be financially responsible for the rest of the World’s “environmental problems”….they caused???  Besides, there’s nobody (including the UN) who will ensure all of those other Nations adhere to the Paris Agreement.

    This does NOT mean the U.S. will not be responsible for “U.S. environmental issues”….it means, we will NOT be responsible for paying for the rest of the WORLD’s environmental problems.

    Last year, the U.S. lowered carbon emissions by 16%….the rest of the World did very little to help the problem. 

    Sort of looks like former President Obama’s “agenda”….little by little is going “bye bye”… it should.

    Our Economy is improving….the Stock Market is setting all time RECORDS……finally, the U.S. is heading in the RIGHT direction.

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    While the rest of the world is moving forward into the future with clean energy, our genius president is trying to revive the coal industry as coal burning electric plants convert to natural gas nationwide.

    Well done looking like an obnoxious, spoiled 3-year-old in Brussels after the lovefest with the Saudis. It’s hilarious seeing people cheer Trump on while he sets his own ass on fire a couple of times per week. I can’t wait to see the results from months of incompetent leadership. There’s a basket load of important business not being address while the nation deals with Donald’s buffoonery.

    “At what point do they start laughing at us, as a country?”

                                                                        — Donald J. Trump


    Over the last few years….the U.S. has reduced it’s CO2 carbon emissions by 16% and will continue plans to take care of AMERICA’s air, water & environment.  How many OTHER Nations have done anything?  Very few have done 1%.

    If the U.S. had stayed in the PARIS Agreement….it would have cost the U.S. 2 to 3 hundred Billion dollars each year…..and allowing Nations like China & India to do NOTHING for up to 15 more years…..thus, increasing their CO2 Carbon emissions.  WHY should AMERICA pay for other nations and 3rd World Nations… clean up THEIR mess???  

    It’s time…..for AMERICA to take care of AMERICA…..and stop wasting our taxpayer’s money on propping up the rest of the World.  The WORLD Nations need to start taking responsibility for their own problems.  But, we will be leading the fight against ISIS…..but, no more wars like Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Also….interesting now….that President Trump is considering a “Green – Energy style Wall” along the U.S. Mexican Border…..a Solar Panel Wall…that will create energy and help us pay for that wall…..GOOD idea!

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    Oh, I thought Mexico was going to pay for the stupid wall. I guess that was just more Tromp BS.


    Too FUNNY, Craig.  I really believe….that IF President Trump were to come out and stated he was planning to send a CHECK in the amount of $20,000.00 to every single American Citizen………Liberals would complain and protest against President Trump……for that.

    Oh yeah, you Liberals would say….well HOW would President Trump expect to pay for all of that???  Well, I don’t recall anyone ever questioning the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS President Obama spent/wasted over 8 yrs.  Never had an annual budget one single year he was President.

    All these Democrats/Liberals jumping up and down about possible Russian influence on our Election or ties to Trump….really?  As Obama stated BEFORE the election….no Nation will be able to tamper with the U.S. ballot boxes  But, we should ALL remember, it was Obama who diverted U.S. taxpayer’s money in Israel in an effort to help get Prime Minister Nitinyahu (sp) defeated….and Hillary Clinton absolutely got involved in the Russian election process….trying to help Putin’s opponent win….but, Putin managed to win anyway.  Oh, but, I guess it’s OK for the U.S. to interfere with OTHER Nation’s Presidential elections……Geeezzzzzzzzzz.

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