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    Well…..Craig, I realize that we most likely will never “agree” on many issues with regards to President Trump (including, whether or not President Trump’s Presidency will be either a good or bad thing for the Landscape Architecture profession.  I think, maybe, only time will tell how most LAs fair under a Trump administration.

    An old saying I recall comes to mind…..”If we all thought exactly the same way….we’d all be married to the same person”……*smile*

    But, I have an idea here….sort of doubt you will take me up on this.  But, I am would be more than happy to “mentor” you….or offer advise with regards to any of your LA design projects….or even, help you upgrade your professional LA web site design work portfolio, etc.  I have mentored LAs right out of college as well as some pretty experienced LAs.  And, hey, we’re both Texas guys….so, we do have a few areas of common ground here.

    Just let me know…..really, I’m more than happy to help a fellow LA.

    Kind Regards,


    Craig Richmond, RLA

    J. Robert Wainer:

    Perhaps your time would be best spent working on figuring out why you blindly support one of the nastiest and foul humans to ever walk the earth. It can’t be his accomplishments in office because he’s accomplished nothing but the creation of chaos. It can’t be his policy because we still see no sign of policy or a plan even. It certainly isn’t that he’s a conservative. My best guess is it must be the hatred, the bullying, the put-downs, the macho swaggering, the fear of women with real power, and the absolute jealousy and bitterness that he has towards the smart, solid, yet boring black dude who just left office that gets you so worked up.

    BTW, Thanks, but no thanks on the mentoring thing; I’m good. But, I do question the appropriateness of asking a middle-aged LA who has more work than he can handle if he needs a mentor. I ‘ain’t-got –no’ BMW, but I’m definitely enjoying life. Funny, I’ve mentored lots of young LAs and students in my 28 years in the profession and I’ve never needed to ask one if they needed a mentor. But then again I probably don’t think of myself as highly as you do. I just let my list of happy paying clients/allied professionals and grateful junior LAs do the talking for me.

    A landscape designer by the name of Andy Knauer was my first mentor -God rest his soul. I respected him because he would actually answer my questions and got a twinkle in his eyes when I challenged him. I was a brash twenty-something kid and he was an old German guy in his late seventies. The most important things he taught me was that I could hold my own with any LA, Architect, Civil or client, as long as I was prepared and I saw myself as equal to all of the SOBs in the conference room. What he taught me has allowed me to make a good living doing what I love to do. How can you be a mentor when you don’t have a coherent reason for why you believe what you believe?

    If the stuff that you preach wasn’t so dangerous, it would be so easy to just ignore you. 

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    Landscape Architects – RESIST (smartly and peacefully)! Don’t let the bullies target our peaceful and vulnerable neighbors. Besides, I don’t think the fake Rs give a hoot about most of what LAs do. I don’t care if it’s an ‘R’, ‘D’ or ‘I’ in the WH (aka ‘the Dump’) just as long as Trump and his family are sent packing. Let him go back to what he’s good at, which is fawning over the press, black sports stars, limousine liberals and the Hollywood types that he claims to detest now that he claims to be a Christian, Right-wing, Republican all of a sudden.

    Generals Kelly and Mattis, I know you have a plan, please don’t let the Donald out of your sight. McMasters sounds like Bob now, you guys are our last hope. After the trailer trash meets Pennsylvania Ave. / Scaramucci mess, I don’t know what to think. What’s next, wet t-shirt contest at the White House fountain? 


    OK, Craig…….no problem.

    I totally respect your point of view here.  You have every right to express your opinions.

    Glad to hear that your LA business is going so well up in the Maryland, D.C. areas.

    Good Luck To You!


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