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    Craig Richmond, RLA

    That’s just great more deflection and no response to Mexico paying for the stupid medieval wall.

    Obama and Clinton are not POTUS. Trump is the president and he’s caused nothing but chaos since he took office. Nothing is getting done while the government is left babysitting the president.

    The US and the Russian government have had an adversarial relationship for a long time. I support the US. I don’t give a squat about Putin’s feelings. I guess you’re one of those people who bashed Obama, while praising Putin. Yes sir a real patriot. Sad.


    Yesterday’s testimony by former Head of the FBI “James Comey” proves, there was ZERO connection going on between President Trump (his staff)…..with Russia.  END OF STORY.  Even Chris Mathews on MSNBC stated….he had to admit, the Russian story was just not true.

    The main reason President Trump has not gotten more accomplished than he has……because, the Democrats are doing literally, everything they can, to block him.

    And no, Hillary is not the POTUS….but, there is ZERO “statue of limitations” for a felony.  So, the DOJ can still file charges against her.  IMO, he should too.  

    James Comey’s statements proved….there is a “double-standard” between Hillary-Obama-Loretta Lynch & President Trump.  Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch (DOJ) on an aircraft in Phoenix, just 1 day before Hillary was interviewed by the FBI…Hillary was not under oath and that interview was not even video taped….really?  

    Well….this thread is about HOW President Trump will do with regards to the Landscape Architecture profession……I think our economy is beginning to improve.  And, that means, more design and construction work.  At least, President Trump is trying to take positive “action” and not just “talking” about creating jobs and improving our economy.

    I’m done…..this thread is what’s “sad”.


    Oh, I understand now…….It’s OK for the Pope to have a 40 ft. high x 12 ft. wide wall around the Vatican City (to protect the Pope from radical Muslims), but, the U.S. has no right to protect its’ people.  Does anyone believe for one second….that if that wall was not there, that ISIS would not attack the Vatican City….they’re Christians, you know….Geezzzzzzzzzzz.

    If the Pope feels so SAFE…..why doesn’t he just order that wall to be torn down???

    Just last week, I read where President Trump is considering a “Green Wall” along the U.S. – Mexican border….a wall that would be a Solar Panel wall…that would help pay for that wall.  Good idea.  But, I still feel that Mexico should at least pay for 50% of that wall.  The U.S. gives millions of $$$ to the Mexican Gov’t every year in foreign aid….WHY?  Millions of illegals are here scamming our system…and earning money (tax free) and sending that $$ home to Mexico.  Besides all that…it’s obvious we need the wall to keep drug traffic out…and illegals.  You can NOT enter any other Nation on the Planet without a Passport or Visa (legally)…why should the U.S. be any different?

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    You’ve said you were done with this thread before, yet you still come back to get more egg on your face. I thought you were done when you started deleting your previous questionable posts.

    Of course it’s the powerless dems fault that Trump is getting nothing constructive done. It couldn’t possibly be that he spends his time doing things like watching cable news, tweeting, rallying, golfing and starting dumpster fires instead of learning how to do his job.

    The worst thing of all is that the ugly toddler in the Oval Office has “grown ups” watching him stick forks into the electric outlets and all they can say is how cute he is.


    Oh………News Alert!!!  This just in.  Hillary Clinton LOST the Presidential Election to Donald J. Trump.  Someone better pick up the phone can let Hillary and the rest of the Democrats know about this…LMAO.

    I recall in all of the previous Presidential elections….1 candidate won and 1 lost…..then, the Nation moved on.  Oh, but not this time….unbelievable.  Get over it already.  Wow, just think….8 years with President Trump….*smile*…..more JOBS…better U.S. economy…better Foreign Policy….less Gov’t…..better Healthcare.

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    From the guy who has to bring up Obama and Hillary constantly to defend Trump’s bad moves and decisions. Instead of talking about the grand accomplishments of the Great Negotiator teamed up with the republican houses…you’ve got bupkus. We get nothing but Donald wasting government time and money while he makes us all less secure. Just think about the governmental resources unnecessarily being consumed dealing with nonsense he is directly responsible for.

    You actually still think this is a dem vs. repub thing. There were moments when I stood strongly behind Bush II and times I questioned Obama’s decisions. But one thing I can say is that neither one of them nor any previous president has embarrassed the US like Trump has. Every president has struggled until they get their sea legs and learn the job, but the toddler has been a disaster since day one. The only silver lining is that there are thinking, honest, patriotic republicans who are going to step up and stop this insanity. The wheels are already in motion. They love their kids and grandchildren just like everybody else and are not going to stand-by and watch hate and ignorance rule.

    BTW, I would have a problem with Trump or any president giving $20,000 away to every citizen. Does that sound like a smart thing to do to you? I guess because I’m a liberal leaning LA, I’m supposed to believe in ‘free stuff’ and governmental giveaways. And you claim to be a conservative. You might be an undercover lib like the Donald.

    Health Insurance “For Everybody” and the “Government Will Pay”

    –Donald Trump

    Headline: Red State 2017

    Laura Sommet

    Regarding the new consideration to add solar panels to the (racist and waste of money and resources border wall) –


    Well, for starters…..everyone needs to realize that the UCS is an “openly left wing political group”.  Just GOOGLE the “Union of Concerned Scientists” and read.

    Solar panels for single family & even commerical buildings is not as practical or financially feasible as one would think.  You need to spend approx. $20,000.00 initially for solar panels at a “single family home”…takes 8 yrs. to break even.  Doubt many Americans have the money or incentive.  Oh, the Gov’t offers a 30% tax cut, but, you have to make a certain amount of annual income…to get that tax break.  

    Plus, many Electric Companies throughout the U.S. are pushing back against homeowners who install “solar panels”…as they don’t want the competition.  Even single family home builders are telling buyers…no, we won’t install solar panels on any roof.  And, actually, the best time to install solar panels is when a home is first built…not after the fact, when you have to be aware of “weight” or “structural” issues.

    Personally, I believe President Trump’s suggestion for a “Solar Powered Wall” is a good one.  This would be a Government & private sector funded project….so, getting the funds shouldn’t be an issue……….like it would be for most U.S. citizens & developers…as suggested in the article in your LINK.

    President Obama sank $50 million into the solar company “Solyndra”….which created a hand full of jobs…then, went bankrupt, leaving the U.S. taxpayer on the hook for that entire amount.  Trump’s suggestion though, makes more sense.

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    Here’s an idea: how about instead of the government giving away $20,000 for citizens to buy more stupid crap as you seemed to think was a good idea, the gov could pay for the solar panels that you think are so hard to install.

    Sorry Bob, the wall is never going to be built. The liberal crook Trump threw that out as red meat to the hate and fear folks. What person living in modern times would think spending billions of dollars building a concrete wall though some of the most remote and inhospitable terrain in the world makes sense? You do realize that the bad guys have untold wealth and possible access to things like tunneling expertise, ultra light aircraft, catapults, numerous border crossing personnel, submarines, etc. to move products, money, weapons and people in and out. The wall was just another boogeyman tactic to get people like you to frothing about the opportunity to build a monument to hatred. As an educated person you must not care whether or not it makes sense.

    Laura Sommet

    Bob, I’m sorry you see and have now politicized a non-profit science organization formed by scholars, students, faculty and science professionals as “left-wing” and “liberal.” If it weren’t for scientists, we would still be using DDT.  Knowledge is power. 

    Actually, some electric utility companies are offering customers the option to sell their energy obtained from solar back into the grid. It’s inevitable that our future consists of renewable energy and even the utility companies are joining the effort and seeing the economic benefit of solar, wind, etc.  And it’s happening faster than these fruitless discussions about a silly monolithic wall.  


    With all due respect, Laura…..It’s not difficult to do a little research and learn that the UCS is a “Liberal” organization.  The Co-Founders (Kurt Gotfried & Henry Way Kendall)…both were MIT Physics Professors (MIT itself, is an extremely liberal University)….they are/were both Liberals).

    The Co-Founders of UCS….from the very beginning, back in the 60’s were very much against anything Nuclear, the Strategic Defense System, B-52 bombers and all about Global Warming.  The UCS “agenda” is closely aligned with the Democratic Party…very “progressive”.  Do the research, I did.

    Oh, I keep forgetting…..that term was switched to “Global Climate Change”…as it fits their narrative better.

    Interesting article that Huffpost (a very liberal news organization) published…that stated “Man does not effect our Global Climate”…it’s the SUN. Even Al Gore’s ecological guru scientist has backed up….and admits that the SUN (solar flares, etc.) are the true source of the Earth’s Climate changes, not mankind.  

    It’s the UCS who has been playing “politics” since the 60’s….not me.  

    BTW… is also a “non-profit” organization….that is also a “Liberal” Organization.  But, it seems, ASLA doesn’t care that many of its’ members are “Conservatives”….and we do not agree with their very “Liberal” policies.

    Oh yeah, and “The Clinton Foundation” is also a “non-profit” organization. Guess THAT organization doesn’t have a “political agenda” either….*smile*.

    I still believe a “Solar Panel Wall” is a better idea for a U.S. – Mexico border wall…..than just a concrete wall or similar design.  But, I guess no matter how good the idea, concept or policy….if it comes from President Trump, most Liberals will fight against it.  Ridiculous.

    Kevin Reff

    Actually Laura, DDT is not bad.  It has saved millions of people.  Here is a link from the NY times from several years ago.

    Furthermore, it has been proven that renewable energy is a total bust.  The only reason it is even viable is because of government subsidies.  Renewable energy (Solar and wind) simply do not provide a constant flow of energy, which we all need.  If you truly want cheap, safe, and sustainable energy, I recommend nuclear energy.  In particluar, LIFTR (liquid fluoride thorium reactor). 

    YouTube link:

    Currently Americans have an irrational fear of nuclear energy, which is unfortunate.  Because of this fear we are unwilling to develop the LIFTR technology.  China however has no such fear because they need the energy.  Bill Gates is investing millions in China on MSR (molten salt reactor) technology, a very similar technology.  We should do the same.

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    It’s looking like the future will not be bright for LAs or anybody else as long as the clown car is parked in front of the White House. After the crowd size foolishness, the travel ban fiasco, numerous embarrassing international appearances, all the shady Russian connections, Turkish government thugs in suits punting Turkish American protesters in the face (BTW on a lovely green lawn right down the street from where Jared, Ivanka, Barrack, Michelle and a bunch of other people you might know own homes-charming), announcing half-baked major public policy on Twitter, and all of the lies, we now have a new WH communications director with astonishingly ‘Trump-like’ communication skills. Am I dreaming or did the Donald just manage to appoint a guy as the communications pooh-bah that thinks it’s ok to cyber-bully the current chief of staff?  

    All the while 30 plus percent of Americans think that president ‘look-at-me’ is doing a fine job and just needs more time. Somebody, please convince me that all of this chaos is a good thing or normal even. 


    TOO FUNNY, Craig!

    You can complain, jump up and down and whine about President Trump all you like……but, it won’t help.  So, guess you’ll just have to “deal with it”…..most likely for 8 yrs.  Hey, we Conservatives had to deal with Barack Obama for 8 very long years.

    Interesting FACTS about the 2016 Election between Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton:

    *There are a total of 3,141 Counties in the U.S.                                                                        *Trump won 3,084 of those Counties.                                                                                        *Hillary won only 57 of those Counties.                                                                                         *The United States consists of a Total of 3,797,000 Sq. Miles (almost 4 Million Sq. Miles).          *The 57 Counties that Hillary Clinton won total in size of ONLY 319 Sq. Miles.  

    Does ANYONE really believe…….that The President Of The United States should be selected based on ONLY the voters living in an area 319 Sq. Miles in size?????  

    President Trump was voted in as our new President by the Electoral College…..just like Barack Obama was voted in as President (for 2 terms)….that’s how our President has been chosen since President George Washington.    

    So, Craig, if you’re wondering WHY Hillary LOST to President Trump…just look at those figures.

    People can say what they wish about President Trump…..but, the alternative was TERRIBLE!!! There is strong evidence that Hillary Clinton has had ties with Russia…..selling 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia.  While Secretary Of State…she made arrangements with Russia for her husband Bill Clinton to give speeches in Russia @ double his normal speaking fees….and Russia donated $140 million to the Clinton Foundation (play for pay)….and it appears that the E-mail scandal case vs. Hillary Clinton may soon be re-opened…she absolutely should have been charged on mishandling highly classified Gov’t documents!!!

    So, maybe you should just take a “deep breath” Craig….and realize….it’s going to be a very long 8 yrs. of dealing with President Trump in the White House.

    Craig Richmond, RLA

    It’s funny but true. What’s even funnier is your response or should I say non-response. Instead of standing-up for president ‘look-at-me’, you’re basically saying, “Sure, all that stuff about the Trump presidency is true, but ordinary citizens Hillary and Obama blah-blah…blah.”

    Bob (Red Hat) Logic

    Bob: Yes, officer. I stabbed the poor little, old lady for volunteering to feed the hungry, but I HEARD Craig stole a bike when he was a pre-teen. We’re good right?

    I’ve come to a conclusion; you guys aren’t Republicans/Conservatives, your Trumpians. You folks are followers of a liberal democrat conman. The real Rs would never go along with the trashing of our traditions. They would never sign off on causing unnecessary chaos in the military, sucking-up to Putin and allowing a foreign government (NATO ally or not) to come in and test out their new boots on American citizens. These are just a few things under Trumps watch that should be absolutely gut-wrenching to most Americans.

    The tide is shifting Bob. Where will you stand when the real Republicans eject your boy out of office? I’ll bet you’ll be deleting more of your off-the-wall posts when the circus finally leaves DC.  

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