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    This video was posted on ASLA by Paul Simon and I wanted to share it over here.

    I think this is fabulous!! Urban Farming could be the solution to so many communities. This videos is specially interesting to me because I come from Costa Rica, a country where almost everyone grows greens on their backyard or at least can have a tomato and basil plant on their balcony. I relocated in Dubai and well… its the desert, nothing grows here except for palms and dates, everything is exported. This sounds like a very interesting project for countries that don’t have traditional agricultural experiences (like Dubai) lowering prices and having fresher products available.

    As far as design… so many things can be done with this to make just aesthetically better or even a visitors destination, imagine kids in cities that have never actually seen vegetables growing, it would be pretty great to see their faces as they collect their own vegetables for dinner.

    Hope you enjoy the video!


    Tosh K

    It’s great once you do the due diligence (checking for and mitigating contaminants like lead); New Haven has a pretty extensive strategy in place that’s being executed by a group of dedicated non-profits. 

    Roland Beinert

    The Land Matters section in the mostrecent issue of LAM was about food production. Did anyone else read that? New Urbanists also seem very interested in food garden design lately. Steve Mouzon recently wrote about the aesthetics of food gardens on his blog (http://www.originalgreen.org/blog/the-agricultural-aesthetic.html). I’m glad to see this topic getting more attention.


    What a great link, thanks for sharing!!

    The first time I was involved in a project of such nature was at the Chopra Wellness Center in Costa Rica (which due to the crisis went on hold…) But the concept was absolutely innovative for me at the time.

    Suzan Hampton

    Hi Anamaria,

    This is a great video. You may want to join the group Urban Agriculture here at Land8. I’m involved in urban farm initiatives in the Bay Area and post to that group-would love you to post your ideas there, too! Suzan


    Hello Suzan! Thanks for the tip, I already joined the group :o)

    We’ll be in touch!


    Les Ballard

    we tend to call these city farms here and many can be found on google so i thought i’d just give the link for a bunch city farms are helped by and/or belong to = http://www.farmgarden.org.uk/

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