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    All LEED exam questions follow a consistent format in which your knowledge will be tested based on three different levels:

    1. Recall questions – test your direct knowledge or concepts. This section may require you to define terms or concepts, recall facts, recognize or identify steps in a process, and group items into categories.

    Example: a LEED exam question that asks you to identify the term that is commonly used to describe wastewater off-put from toilets and urinals.

    1. Application questions – evaluate your knowledge of procedures and performance objectives and may require you to demonstrate how sustainable strategies work; perform calculations based on given information; put a process into it’s proper sequence; and apply a process or sequence of action to accomplish a task.

    Example: a LEED exam question that asks you to identify three steps a project teams should take before submitting a Credit Interpretation Request.

    1. Analysis questions – test your reasoning and problem solving abilities. Such questions may require you to demonstrate knowledge of how a green building strategy or technology works, cause and effect, or underlying rational behind a concept; analyze problems and work out appropriate solutions; build a conceptual model of a process; and troubleshoot a problem without a LEED rating system checklist available for reference.

    Example: a LEED exam question that asks you to select which LEED rating system would be the best option for a project to certify under based on given facts or details about the building project.

    LEED exam questions are written like the following format:

    1. According to EA Prerequisite 1, Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy Systems, the verification of installation and performance of each commissioned systems typically includes which three of the following steps? (Choose three.)

    (A) Submission of design plans for approval by the CxA

    (B) Systems performance testing

    (C) Installation inspection

    (D) Development of a systems manual

    (E) Inspection training

    (F) Evaluation of results

    Each LEED exam question will ask you to select one or multiple answers. There will be a note in parenthesis at the end of each question that clarifies if you should choose one, choose two, choose three, choose four, or choose five of the available answer choices.

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