What do you prefer for your home/personal computer system?

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    Jay Smith

    Just curious what other working professionals are currently using for their personal computer these days? I’d like to get something I can occasionally bring work home on now and then that will efficiently run some of the common programs such as Autocad, SketchUp, Adobe Suite and possibly Revit in the future.  Are desktops still my best option?  Does anyone have any recommendations? 


    I have one computer, a powerful HP desktop work station I bought from my employer for $50.00 about six months ago.  I run Sketchup, GIS, AutoCAD, and Adobe Creative Cloud on it.   No tablets, but purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a few weeks ago as an alternative.  Very impressed, but I don’t use it for graphics.  


    Im bored so ill play ‘whats under your hood’  even though i hate this game..

    Typing from my galaxy not 10.1 now..

    In the office i am u ning a custom pc..

    Antec case

    120gb ssd

    500 gb hdd

    24 gb Ram

    Nvidia geforce graphics card

    COre i7

    Wind 7 prof

    Running acrmap 



    Adobe suite, etc..

    Jay Smith

    I really wasn’t asking what people are using in the office. No wonder you don’t like to play this game, you’re not very good at it. 🙂

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    off the rack HP desktop from Staples 2.5 years old cost about $700 at the time. I use it for my home office, but is no different than what I would have if I did not have an office in my home. Unless you are using some heavy graphics programs (gaming), the basic PCs are quite powerful for almost anything a normal person would use a home computer for. … my opinion.

    I think it is an AMD processor, 8GB RAM and a TB hard drive. It seems to have a decent graphics card, but nothing special.


    Did you read those specs? He is good at it. i7 with 24 gb Ram….Awesome! my office computer has 16 gb Ram. I should look into getting 8 more!


    uhhh..ok. I own the office so its kind of like mine and stuff. I could give you my laptop specs, but theyre pretty similar to my desktop, you get the picture.

    Rob Halpern

    IF you might be running AutoCAD at home, make sure your monitor’s driver is compatible as well (if you do alot of gaming it may be already taken care of)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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