What is “progressive” urbanism? How does it differ from New Urbanism?

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    At the risk of barring myself from ever being in the employ of corner or his cohorts I’ll agree, from what I’ve seen and read despite the fact that all of my professors and many of my colleagues hold him in the highest regard. I’m a bit surprised to read a comment from Trace about such a virile theorist, philosopher, and …collager in the profession.

    Claudia Chalfa

    When I think of New Urbanism, I think of TND – traditional being the operative word. Our best example of this in SC would be a development like I’on. Maybe progressive urbanism is more modern? More hip, liberal, throw in any other related words here that imply NON-traditional.

    Just a guess.

    Trace One

    Traces’ reply deleted by Trace..Honesty not always best policy.. Funny, Nick!..Hee hee..

    Steven Velegrinis


    There is an excellent albeit academic review of all of these terminologies – Landscape Urbanism, Green Urbanism, New Urbanism, TOD etc etc – in a paper in Landscape Journal written by Richard Weller in 2008. It is called “Landscape (sub)urbanism in Theory: Towards a theory and practice of landscape architecture in regard to the contemporary suburban condition” .

    Other references for Landscape Urbanism include the AA Landscape Urbanism book (now fairly old and rather forgettable), Center: On Landscape Urbanism by University of Texas at Austin and Kerb 15: Landscape Urbanism.

    Other good references are detailed in Richard Wellers paper which is as exhaustive of a review / summary as ive seen.

    Vanessa Ruiz

    Thanks a lot. I will definitely look these up over my semester break!

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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