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    Trace One

    How is ‘4D’ any different than the normal hand-drawn perspective one would draw showing the mature landscape? Is 4D any more ‘real’ than your hand-drawn perspective, because this is of course one of the classic and easiest ways to lie with maps, as they say – the cell-phone tower a faded blue, behind the clouds and trees, etc..
    What is the point of 4D, any better than a hand-drawn perspective? Have you ever done a mechanical perspective?
    “Landscape over time”..?? Trendy verbiage for standard design..

    I am obviously NOT at all sold on 4D, even after Avatar and the dragon movie – even IMAX 3d..What is the big deal? Unless watching 3D, which is inevitably 4D since we all exist in time, makes me loose weight, I don’t see the benefit from an ordinanry movie, other than I have to pay 14$ to see it..


    I thought by 4D, they meant ‘time,’ ie animation.

    But maybe they just meant modeling. I’m not hip.

    If it’s true that we should be using BIM software in conceptual landscape design, how much ‘time’ would we be devoting to modeling versus critical thinking? I think it would be great otherwise to have a software application that actually works parametrically like BIM for architecture.

    Trace One

    Yes, 4D is to include ‘time’, Nick, but how does showing a mature landscape not show ‘time” – except you get some flashy shrubs growing, to the full mature picture..Or perhaps by time, you would show the decay of the earth from pollution and overpopulation, and how it affects your garden…just kidding..

    So if 4D shows time, my question is, how is that different than a perspective of the mature landscape, handdrawn, which is a standard part of any presentation…what is the difference? Because it is called 4D, is it more accurate? Isn’t the 4D modeling just as fake as any perspective of a mature landscape one would draw. (this accuracy is a separate point, really..my main point is, what IS the difference from a hand-drawn perspective..) 4D..gack..

    From ye old landscape curmudgeon, living under a bridge!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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