Where are Obama’s Green Jobs?

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    Alan Ray, RLA

    I read in my local fish wrapper this morning that the administration claims 225,000 jobs have been created “or saved” by $80 billion in stimulus spending…..if those numbers are accurate, it would mean a $355,555.56 tax-payer subsidy for each job.

    Do you know anyone with one of these jobs????

    Douglas M. Rooney

    I have solved the riddle….. 225,000 jobs were saved because (thanks to the government bailout) GM is still in business, and now that they make an electric car (Chevy Volt), all of those jobs are now counted as GREEN. Jobs created? ZERO

    Alan Ray, RLA

    You may have it there Douglas …. and making $335K+…what a job!

    Heather Smith

    Personally I never expected him nor do I expect any president to create jobs. My husband on the other hand started his own business. Want more jobs? Create more jobs.

    Jon Quackenbush

    C’mon man, they are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the back pockets of the banks, paid for by our children’s children because we extended the Bush Tax Cuts for those whom dont’ need it.

    Theodore Tegen

    Good listen:



    Cliff’s notes: politicians/governments don’t create jobs – anyone who says differently is selling snake oil


    Heather Smith

    I agree. They get elected by telling us they will all get us our own pony.

    Trace One

    I completely do not understand the ‘governments don’t create jobs ” mantra..it simply does not make sense to me..Can someone please explain it to me? My dad was a diplomat (good job, good work, his whole life, after WWI service..) I have worked for local or state governments for twenty to thirty years enforcing environmental regs, etc..I read about the gov. (in Wikileaks docs.) shilling for Monsanto GM foods in africa (if you don’t understand what I mean by shilling, or GM foods, I mean the Gov. promotes Monsanto genetically modified foods everywhere by fighting tariffs, fighting local populaces who don’t want GM) I lived next to the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of our most gorgeous road created by WPA (government) landscape architects – if you haven’t seen the drawings, check them out..

    The High Line is created with gov. partnerships – I now work for the Dept. of Transportation – a very good and extremely uselful government jobs..

    I just do  not understand where this weird idea that ‘government does not create jobs’ has taken root..It makes no sense to me at all..It is right up their with trickle down economics and the Laffer curve, – total myth making..

    the government not only creates jobs, but it directs how the entire society works – witness the government subsidies for small scale anti-global warming projects (ie. house insulation, white roofs) that has actually reached saturation point in Britain – the market is done..They are now turning to the US, and find we have done NOTHING…

    How does the government not create jobs? I just do  not understand what that means..Do you also believe that decreasing taxes increases revenue (trickle -down..)..

    It just seems – I must be missing something?

    Trace One

    ps. the TARP act has kept my DOT repairing roads, improving roads, so those are a lot of jobs on the record, from the TARP act..

    But I always felt that instead of bailing out the banks, if they just gave every man woman and child in the US (350 million, at last count) a million bucks, we would spend it and the economy would recover much cheaper much faster..350million dollars..that is it..

    I could do  a lot with 1 million..A lot more than Blankfein did with his 400 million dollar yearly salaries..I shop at Target!

    Trace One

    government creates parks, creates social welfare programs that help thousands of disabled, elderly..How can you say the government does not create jobs? My salary, my dads salary, my brothers public health work as a new doctor in impoverished sections of america – these are all government created jobs..

    I do not understand how anyone can say the government does not create jobs..the entire corn syrup industry is a government subsidized enterprise..NASA, (speaking of the Enterprise) and all the incredible discoveries of NASA, NOA…

    I have heard Michelle Bachman say that, the gov doesn’t create jobs – she works for the government, her 23 foster kids made her a lot of government money….?????WTF, as they say..

    Alan Ray, RLA

    true, Govt. does create jobs…..Obama has expanded the govt. by 200,000 jobs already….

    the problem is that these jobs take money instead of making money…so they are not sustainable unless,guess what., you pay more taxes to support them….

    also Tracie, you need to re do your math. 350 million would only be 1 dollar per person….so,,,,,

    Alan Ray, RLA

    So, I ask again….Where are the GREEN JOBS???????

    Trace One

    i agree, no green jobs – like I said, the British house insulation subsidies have saturated the market – we are absolutely untouched, because repubs don’t believe in green..

    thanks for the 1$ per person – still, all the tarp money, given to each resident..whatever..

    How is making roads not sustainable? How is making national parks not sustainable?

    and I just thought of this – my husband has a factory, he employs 23 people, only because he got a patent on a design – ;he could not have done that without the patent rights on his new design..

    But is that the theory – government jobs take taxpayer money, they don’t make money? Oh, I get it..Except when the gov. is out shilling for Monsanto GM crops – arene’t those guys trying to make jobs?

    Dont’ national parks bring tourism..

    but you are interested in Green..and I agree with you there…Green jobs are not happening,and the repubs are fighting them with tooth and nail..

    but thank for your explaining what people mean when they say gov. doesn’t create jobs..It still seems totally stupid to me..The gov. directs the entire economy…with tariffs and subsidies..with poltics and intrigue..Can you have a deal with Chile without taking into account the poltics of the deal?

    Trace One

    how can anyone say transportation jobs aren’t sustainable? How can you say jobs reviewing site plans for small cities don’t create wealth through standards – it has been proven over and over..

    National parks..NASA…how are these not sustainable? they create wealth for the society..

    but green, Alan,I agree..We are nowhere..Most american don’t even think the globe is warming,and therefore refuse to act in any rational way to stop the CO2 buildup..Obama has tried, but not hard enough..

    Leslie B Wagle

    What is meant by gov’t not creating jobs is that whoever it hires has to be supported by taxes paid by the non-government sector. You can certainly believe that there is a good role for government in a regulatory sense, but it is not the basis or foundation of the economy. Somebody has to produce other goods for there to be a tax base. In other words, if that was not true, we could simply ALL work for the government. I’ve had my share of years in it so I’m not bashing it, but I don’t have any problem understanding the concept.

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