who likes the new layout?

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    Trace One

    Who likes the new Land* design layout, with a scroll for latest activities, like Facebook has, and some weird way to organize Forum, so I can’t tell if there is anything interesting..

    One No vote for me. In fact two no votes – don’t like the  Facebook ‘scroll’ and don’t like the new way of orgainizing categories – it bores me instantly, instead of drawing me in..

    Sorry andrew..
    you can go back to the old way..but you might get a lot less participation in the Forum stuff, and maybe that was your intent – to keep out the riff raff comments?


    I think the new layout definitely marginalizes the forum, which is probably the point. I would have actually liked to see some of the multimedia content scaled down or gone completely from the home page and the discussions tab played up even more.


    I’m not looking at portfolios much here. I’d like to see portfolio critiques happen through the discussions.

    Craig Anthony

    I’m a no as well. I think the OWS discussion pushed them
    over the edge. Honestly I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot. I
    notice that I participate less because I don’t have time to search for
    discussions that I find interesting. If they’re not virtually in my face, I’m
    not going to look for them unless I have absolutely nothing to do.

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    Bookmark the forums page then hit the down arrow where it says “View:categories” and change it to “discussion” and all is well.

    Jordan Lockman

    That is much more effort than I have been used to. I agree make the forum easier to access.

    Wyatt Thompson, PLA

    You can actually bookmark the page after changing the View to Discussion. That makes it one-click to get there like it used to be. I also agree that I’m not a fan of the new layout.

    Ellis Cucksey

    More effort? Just replace your old bookmark with a new one.

    Jordan Lockman

    I don’t use bookmarks….. I want it to be easier for new users to get involved in discussions.

    Trace One

    what’s a bookmark? (said like Bill Cosby talking to God, “What’s a cubit?”) hee hee.. 

    Ellis Cucksey

    Do you type in http://www.land8lounge.com every time you visit this site, then?

    Trace One

    No, I google Land8 and select from that list the Forum..Is a bookmark like a ‘favorites’ button? that I get..

    This seems very personal, for some reason..

    does anyone else see web pages laid out in different places in your head? I have a pattern, and it is like going around a board game, where the different web sites are..I could draw a diagram.

    too weird?

    Pat S. Rosend

    I have tried, but I don’t like it either. It took me three times visiting to figure out where the forum was. I think that is one one of the best parts of the site. It has really been minimized, to the site’s detriment IMHO.

    Zach Watson

    Wow there is a lot of negative feelings toward the new layout….


    Personally I like the new layout and for those who are having trouble finding the forum, there is a tab at the top (sixth one from the left) labeled forum and it will take you to the main forum directory.  Additionally, through that tab I have found an option to view the recent Friday Chat sessions in PDF format.  I appreciate this option because I don’t have the ability to join the chat session on Friday Mornings but I like to see what others have to say.

    Alan Ray, RLA

    no, I don’t like it and do not visit the site as much anymore…

    it’s rather boring and information is harder to find….


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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