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    WHY…is it so very obvious, that “ASLA” is….politically LIBERAL??? IMO, Landscape Architecture has not business being involved in the AMERICAN Political System…..Landscape Architecture should NOT be LEFT or RIGHT.

    And, WHY do I also believe a vast MAJORITY of University Landscape Architecture Professors are also VERY LIBERAL! That they have “liberal agendas”, so that’s how many of their Graduating Students lean when they graduate….to the LEFT.

    America is too divided enough as it is…..NOW, I see that Landscape Architecture has become DIVIDED politically. Just no excuse for it, IMO,

    J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

    J. Nielsen

    Robert, you might want to change out whatever you got on your hook. No one appears to be taking the bait.



    Imo, industries slated for early on “AI” replacement were only sold software, Silicon Death Valley never reached out to them like they did game dev, weapons tech, and entertainment, med, finance, etc.

    So what in the heck does that have to do with industries which are political puppets? That is what they are used for in the meantime. After the next world war or whatever “birthing” method they have for the new model world, AI will be highly specialized for certain industries which can be “streamlined” by intelligence planned corporatism. This is why engineering, architecture and landscape architecture are actually as industries so far behind the automation curve, that the digital mainlined industries have now taken their automation to AI.

    And I don’t mean true “intelligence”, I mean a nice “active x” like buzzterm which markets advanced parallel networking and some highly refined “smart” software. It is enough to replace the current “collective brain” of many dinosaurs. For example, for surveying, the already have data of the earth that can “detect” live and real-time piss ant “earthworks”. But, how do you “slide that in” and not replace all surveyors tomorrow? That is the kind of questions they are trying to answer. In fact, one theory is, they just stick it in in a new transformational phase of civilization coming exponentially the last hundred years in that time’s next ten years, in I would say about 15 years before they can really start it up globally.

    That is why AIA and ASLA and others are literally, with all due respect “brain dead” by design. AI can very quickly do a better job in the hands of that industries “next generation”, imo, that is the feeling of the big computer complex “brain” out there.

    Tim Daugherty

    Bob – do you know what the biggest predictors of voting preference are? 1. Level of Education, 2. Where you Live (City vs Country), and 3. Religious participation (not to be confused with affiliation).

    It’s safe to assume a significant majority of all LA’s have a college eduction. And most live in the City (or suburbia).

    Add to this the likelihood most LA’s probably have a strong relationship with natural systems, the environment, ecology, etc.

    And if all that isn’t enough, which party/ideology has been on the attack against licensure?

    C’mon, it’s not THAT hard to connect the dots.

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