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International Competition for Students of Landscape Architecture

The international competition for the SLANT AWARDS is being held this year for the first time and on this occasion is aimed exclusively at students of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Design worldwide.

The central idea behind this challenge is that the project in question is a “virtual project”, one that has been created specifically for this competition.

What you are being invited to do is to create a concept design for a public park, one which will not only serve the needs of the citizens of this city, but which will also aim to achieve iconic status and in so doing will enhance the international reputation of the city. You will see from the brief that we are looking here at urban renewal, with the project being set on a vacant site in a riverside location.

This competition has been designed to offer students an interesting challenge with what we believe are interesting rewards, and we have tried to keep it as simple as possible.

You may enter as often as you like, either as an individual, or in a team of two or three, and if you register and pay before 22 April 2011 you can avail of a reduced entry fee.
Each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate fee, and remember you have up to 10 June 2011 to make your final submission.

Deadline for submissions: 10 June 2011
Full details on

First Prize Euro 3,000
Second Prize Euro 1,500
Third Prize Euro 750

Jury Members
John Brookes (UK),
Ulf Nordfjell (Sweden)
Paolo L Bürgi (Switzerland)

Hugh Ryan.
Competition Moderator

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  1. I shall see to that! Up till now my own experiences with “competitions” of this kind here in my home country, Brazil, have been quite upseting since there seems to be neither seriousness in the evaluation of submitted projets nor a proper broadcasting of all the submitted projects even if not chosen for the prizes.  The organizators ought to realise that a great deal of effort, expenses and dedication are put into proposals so that they should, each one, be treated with due respect. Apart from that, sharing projects is sharing knowledge, values and perspectives – evry valuable assets to anyone devoted to this field of activity. May this one be a worthtaking one. Good work to all!

  2. Thank you very much for your very valid comments and I hope that you wont be disappointed by the performance of this competition. We plan to give as much exposure as we can to as many of the entries as is practicable. We believe that today, perhaps more than ever, students need a forum in which they can showcase their work to the world, and this is central to the ethos of this competition.

  3. Thank you  very much Mr. Ryan for the encouraging reply.

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