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  • As the City of Boston grapples with climate change and sea level rise, teams comprised of Landscape Architects, Urban Planners, and Engineers have been collaborating to truly understand the scale of the impact, […]

    • Well written article….interesting!

      But, in doing a little “research”, I learned that 80% of the World’s population lives near “coastal areas”. And, the number of people moving to coastal cities is increasing (not decreasing).

      Does anyone else see this as “part of the problem here”?

      Of course, living along the California coastline, along the thousands of miles of Florida’s coastline, etc., etc. is very desirable for so many people. This holds true for cities around the World. But, IF these predictions of city flooding are to believed….why are people continuing to live so close to the coastlines….and why are many more thousands of people relocated to the coastal cities?

      Sure, maybe the Earth is Warming…..NOW. But, who is to say it won’t COOL after say, 100 to 300 years? How do we know? Everyone seems to be “assuming” that this Global Warming trend will just continue and never stop.

      If you GOOGLE “Patrick Moore, PhD”, he earned his PhD in Environmental Science in 1971…he is a brilliant expert on the Earth’s Climate. His philosophy is that a warmer Earth is better for mankind, animals and plant life than a COOL Planet. Plant life needs CO2 to thrive…as well as warmth. Mankind and animals fair better in warmer climates.
      The Earth warms and cools in “cycles”….it has never stayed the same for many thousands of years.

      Doing research about Scientists around the World…..most people don’t understand that, for many of these scientists to get “funding” for their environment research….they MUST agree to the theory that YES, Global Warming is real. If they disagree, their funding is cut off. Even with NASA (who determined a few years ago, there is no life on Mars)…NASA continues to state, well “maybe” there really IS life on Mars. NASA keeps stating this…, they can continue to receive “funding” for their Mars projects.

      I believe it’s true now, that the United States is one of the TOP Leaders on the Planet in cleaning up our air and water. WHO is going to force nations like China, India, Korea and hundreds of other Nations to clean up their air and water? Answer: nobody. If indeed Global Warming is REAL…..we have to all agree that it’s a “Global” problem, not just an “American” problem. So, even if the U.S. has the cleanest air and water on our Planet……we will continue to have a problem, as ALL of those other Nations’ air pollution, excessive CO2, water pollution could easily have a negative effect on the United States.

      And, people keep talking about “Climate Change”….as being such a threat to our Planet. I just wish to know WHO and HOW anyone believes they can alter our Planet’s Climate.
      Even if we (in America) were to put in place “The New Green Deal” at a price tag of something like $90 Trillion…..over 100 years, the positive effects of that program would help by maybe 1%. President Trump’s administration is making an effort to “balance” improving our environmental problems with America’s economy. We can’t bankrupt every American citizen and corporation….just to gain maybe 1% cleaner air and water….let’s be sensible.

      I looked at the various City Maps….showing the FLOODING that “could” take place within 5 to 25 years… me, it looks exaggerated and a scare tactic on the part of Environmentalist to support their agenda.

      J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

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