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  • Elif-

    I have learned that high-level or not, clients don’t read a lot of text. They’re swayed by images, sketches, pretty colors, and your passion. If you say Mondrian, show them what/who that is so they don’t have to ask. Have images that clearly delineate the connection between a Mondrian piece and your design (for example). If you communicate…[Read more]

  • Chris-
    My advice:
    If you love design, find a couple of good contractors you can send work to on a regular basis. They will (or should) pay you a commission or referal fee for the work you refer to them. They will in turn send you work, some of which they will pay you for directly. Probably a little at first, then more as your relationship builds.…[Read more]

  • Hey Chris,
    My principal here in AZ is a licensed contractor. It’s pretty involved here, but definitely opens up many opportunities…

  • Hi Guys”
    An innovative design in stone surfaces that offers a customizable line for interior and exterior wall claddings
    Cheers / Bharat Mishra

  • If you want a little marketing inspiration, listen to this months podcast from

    Designers Susan Cohan and Rochelle Greayer discuss how they’ve built a following and presence online by blogging. Learn how blogging has directly impacted their businesses.

    Both are members of The Lounge.

    You can listen and download the…[Read more]

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    If you would like to receive copies please let me know
    IF you have designs to share same thing!
    A bientot

  • Kenya – I’m looking into taking the reformatted 2009 exam. If you have info for that, it would be greatly appreciated!!

    Isaac – Last I knew, Jack was the contact for that. If not, he’ll direct you to the right person:

  • Anyone taking the LEED exam? I have some resources I can share.

  • Elif;
    All the ideas written to you are good/great. I would also like to add how important relationships are, especially the more involved/complicated/pricey a job goes.

    History shows that the great designers were also people who were great “relaters”. Be personable, be authentic, be passionate, and be honest with your clients . . . it’ll carry…[Read more]

  • Hi Elif,
    Glad that you found my comments helpful. 🙂

  • Thank you very much. It’s always nice to get suggestions from experienced Landscape Architects as yourselves. I’ll try to follow and let you know about the result.

  • Hi Elif,
    I have always maintained that there is a profound difference between ‘planning’ a space and ‘designing’ a space. A good design trancends a good plan, but a good design must be based on a good plan.

    Part of what makes a design a good design is its uniqueness or as you call it, its identity.

    In my opinion the first person to whom you need…[Read more]

  • Hi there,

    I’m new to land8lounge and this is my first group to have joined.
    Hope to explore all of these web-site’s features and to get in touch with a lot of new collegues…

    Greetings from Croatia

  • Hi Elif,
    Now this is an interesting discussion, and I agree with a lot of what Michelle has to say, and I would like to add some of my own comments just as soon as I have time , perhaps over the week-end. Greetings from Ireland.

  • Elif,
    Not all well healed clients speak the language of art or architecture.
    If you use stories to relate your design charrettes then you have to speak to them in a language that they understand.
    If your client is a doctor use medical metaphors. In essence you are meeting your client at a level that they feel comfortable and knowledgeable in.

    In…[Read more]

  • Thank you very much Chris. I probably share a common problem with other Landscape Architects. Hopefully in time, it will change!
    Greetings from Istanbul!

  • Thanks for the suggestion.
    I also prepare images and perspectives. What I wanted to ask was: Generally the client doesn’t know what they want and when you come up with new ideas rather than the usual concepts, they don’t understand it. Therefore I develop a story for them. For example, I say ” It’s a Mondrian Garden and the design structure is ……[Read more]

  • Elif,
    I hope I understand your question, here’s goes. When I present a project to a client I bring pictures of plants and I try and draw quick perspesctives or elevations of the job. A lot of people can not visualize a plan view into a real life project. They have not had the training we have and don’t look at plans as we do. When I go to their…[Read more]

  • I have a question!
    Each time I prepare a project, I write a story for it. I try to present it telling this strory. I don’t simply say “Here a group of shrubs you like and some other here!”
    My clients are quite high level people but I don’t know why they don’t understand much when I try to give an identity to the design I prepare for them.
    I would…[Read more]

  • A member in another forum in the lounge asked a question about resume’s and CV’s- where might she find a template to create these.
    Here’s an online resource I found recently that might be of use to some of you-

    I haven’t used it myself., but it does seem to have potential.

    Chris Heiler

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