Dan Barnes

  • David, I love your common sense approach!!!

  • Phillip,I have seen several programs over the years and have not been a big favorite of any of them so far. I have been in d/b for almost 28 years. I have worked in the field and behind the desk and I know how long it takes to plant a 4″ tree etc. including the stop at 7-11 for a big gulp and traffic, waiting for the semi to deliver the sod or…[Read more]

  • Chirs,
    Here in Texas we are not required to be licensed for landscape contracting. Sometimes I wish we were because every guy that has lost his job in the last few months has become a landscaper/maintenace contractor. I am sometimes bidding against people that are brand new in the business.
    I am working with several Landscape Architects like…[Read more]

  • Elif,
    I hope I understand your question, here’s goes. When I present a project to a client I bring pictures of plants and I try and draw quick perspesctives or elevations of the job. A lot of people can not visualize a plan view into a real life project. They have not had the training we have and don’t look at plans as we do. When I go to their…[Read more]

  • I have not read every response to this is issue so I’m sorry if I repeat someone else.

    I love the name Landscape Architect. I don’t care if I go to a party and someone askes me if certain plants will grow in the shade or what tree they should plant in the sun. I feel it is where our roots come from.

    I am very proud of my profession and the work…[Read more]

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