Ann English

  • I agree on the 75% size for trees; depending in growth rate, I show shrubs at 75% (slow) or 100%. I also make notes on plans to use (and a list of which and qty) annuals as “cover crops” for first three years to accommodate the installation size. When a bed will move from sun to shade and the ground layer perennials will eventually be shade, I…[Read more]

  • Hi JA –

    If you want a pervious surface, first figure out if the water, once it is through the surface, will be soaking in or flowing along just under the surface — you can look at this website to see how permeable pavement bases typically work:  Since you will be parking over the space for long periods of time, using a P…[Read more]

  • I see the focus on financial in your analysis but I don’t have a sense of what your LA aspirations are or  how that english degree background has been applied (i.e. – what have you been doing and for how long?) nor how many years you would be looking at paying back the debt vs. saving for the future.   A big decision for sure – Cornell in-state m…[Read more]

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