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    I LOVE IT.. Best program for any size firm. The customer support is better than I could have imagined. I had a problem late one night, 11pm and I had help the same night.
    The best features are the abilities to use real products in the plan and have them go directly to the material list and details. A HUGE TIME SAVER FOR MY FIRM

  • I currently use AutoCAD 2007 with LandFX plug in. I have used VectorWorks in the past, but it has too many drawbacks, not enough plant material, Land FX actually has different nurseries around the nation subscribe and add the plant material that they have, specs and all. The irrigation is horrible, I live in Florida, where irrigation is becoming…[Read more]

  • There is one by Morrison Media, it is more of a book of definitions, but believe it or not it was the most influential for me passing the multiple choice sections, and study Business Law for Landscape Architects, Section A is almost the book directly.
    I would go to a LARE Review for C & E, you usually get alot of practice problems.
    Lastly try the…[Read more]

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