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  • The 2018 Vectorworks Design Summit held on November 4-6 in Phoenix, offered a glimpse of where the industry is headed (read recap on Land8), seen through the lens of this innovative 2D/3D modeling software. At the […]

  • Wishing all candidates success in the exam period starting tomorrow!

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    You are referring to the CSI document and the new system, not so new anymore. Not important to know the sections numbers except that 32 is Exterior Improvements and 2 is Existing conditions. Otherwise don’t spend time learning section numbers and ignore that part of Time Saver Standards, which is out of date.

  • The 4th annual Vectorworks Design Summit held on November 4-6, 2018 in Arizona convened about six hundred landscape, architecture, lighting, and exhibition design professionals plus Vectorworks staff from North […]

  • If you have applied in, say, California for initial licensure, you must see the process through in that state. When you complete your exams, have CLARB forward your results to the state licensing board. But then you need to pass the supplemental in order to get your initial license. That’s my understanding. Always check with the state licensing…[Read more]

  • ASLA and CLARB have aggregated data on all states and provinces regarding education and experience requirements needed in order to sit for the LARE. The North American map provided by CLARB, shows the information […]

    • If you are testing in a state with a supplemental exam. Can you apply for licensure (Initial or Reciprocity) in another state after you pass the LARE and before you pass the supplemental exam in the state you originally applied for?

      • If you have applied in, say, California for initial licensure, you must see the process through in that state. When you complete your exams, have CLARB forward your results to the state licensing board. But then you need to pass the supplemental in order to get your initial license. That’s my understanding. Always check with the state licensing board you have applied to to verify. Good luck!

    • A very well written article, Cheryl. Thank You.

      Yes, over the years, various States have added “supplemental” exams. It’s my understanding that maybe the most difficult “State Exam” is the Florida Exam. I was once a “licensed LA” in the State of Florida for 10 consecutive years. I allowed my license to lapse. 8 years later, I learned that I would have to take the Florida Exam in order to get my Florida LA license reinstated…I had (28) years of LA exp. at the time (and had been licensed in 13 other States)…and was currently a “licensed LA in The State of Texas…27 yrs.). I also had a minimum of 9 years of experience practicing in The State of Florida. I stood before the Florida LA Board and asked them to reinstate me…I felt that I was “competent” to practice and that I should be exempt from the Exam. In looking at that Florida Board, I felt I had substantially more LA experience than all of them…..but, they denied my request.

      So, my advise to anyone who has an LA license in ANY State….be sure you keep your annual fees paid up to date AND be sure you take the required “Continuing Education Courses”….and keep careful records of those “Continuing ED courses”….as many States will ask you to prove you took the req’d courses. If you have an LA license in a State where a “State supplemental Test” is required…..I’d highly recommend you hang on to that State license.

      J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

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  • After transitioning to Vectorworks Landmark in 2011 I never looked back. I hope the industry catches up soon! Looking forward to the webinar. Remember the Mid-Atlantic Vectorworks Landmark User Group meets virtually nearly every month. Check out our FB group and join in any time.

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    Watch for the 2018 LARE Prep series by Land8 in collaboration with Corson Learning. 2018 dates are February 15, June 21, and October 4th. More to follow!

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  • Deciding which exam sections to take in what order, alone or in combination, is the first big strategy decision you’ll make about the LARE once you’ve committed to the process. If you’re in a state or provi […]

  • “How Different is the 2017 LARE?” Webinar
    May 31, 2017

    For any LARE (Landscape Architect Registration Examination) candidate, knowing what to study given limited preparation resources is key. In 2012 the […]

  • Sounds great. I have a Ziplevel. How does it compare? Cheryl Corson

  • I don’t look at it as older folks helping younger folks but rather peers helping peers. As Matt has heard me say, more than half of the folks in my Corson Learning webinars are over 40 and sitting for the LARE. I respect those who took the UNE for their fortitude. I don’t think I could do that in one day in some stiflingly hot state fairground…[Read more]

  • Hello Tony, When I took the old format Sections A & B, I did so on consecutive mornings. Those exams aren’t as long as Sections 3 & 4, so this can be done. When I used the same strategy on the new format Sections 3 & 4, I failed Section 4 by a little bit, retook it by itself in the next exam cycle and passed. Good luck to you!

  • I received my MLA from the GSD when I was 38. It was my first LA degree, my BA being in Public Administration. In my first year working at a firm I brought in a client (an embassy job), which had not happened there before. I was great at participating in meetings having been director of a state public art program before grad school, and…[Read more]

  • The next generation of Cheryl Corson’s LARE Prep webinars is now online. See for easy to stream videos, moderated chat room, easy access to live Q&A sessions and simplified PayPal payment options. Modest prices include one year of unlimited access. Corson Learning webinars support the new format LARE Sections 3 & 4. 

  • LARE Prep Webinars for Sections 3 & 4 are now open for registration. These sessions are affordable and flexible as you can attend from anywhere and watch the sessions on your own schedule, as often as you like. For more information see: The first Section 4 session is May 15 and the first Secxtion 3 session is May 22. I…[Read more]

  • LAREwebinarFlyer_2014.pdf
    A year ago I began studying for Section 4 again, after failing it in December 2012. After passing last April, friends asked me to teach an online class geared toward this section, which is trickier than the others. Next week is the first live Q&A session in my 3-part webinar series. More info is in the attached flyer, and…[Read more]

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    Promo alert – but I went through the process from 2011 – 2013, taking the new Sections 3 & 4. After I failed and then passed Section 4, I created webinars to help others with Section 4, which is the toughest exam. These are now available through my website, You can also see my article on Section 4 on Land 8…[Read more]

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