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For LAs seeking a modern streamlined unit price Contract Administration tool: Bidding, Progress billing + CO facilitation. The ContractComplete Application provides Automated/multitasked document creation, a high-level vision of project/contract progress, and is cutting administrative overhead in at least half.
Features our Users’ enjoy:

  • easy-Estimate budgeted pricing from historic line-item data/pricing.
  • Smart-spreadsheet-importer (“ai” rule engine recognizes various schedule styles)
  • Fillable bid forms: easy-fill submission for bidders
  • Fillable schedule of prices and provisional items for bidders
  • Bidders checklist and allow only complete/compliant bid option
  • Q+A and qualification notes per line-item; + general questions.
  • auto-Addendum builder
  • Bid-document audit: useful for assessing engagement and sharing with clients
  • Instant bid tabulation/review is available right at the deadline.-award faster
  • Automated notifications for bidders and bid administrator.
  • Allow for resubmission, negotiate, split, + award contracts options
  • Track + generate progress, payment (PPCs), retainages, CCNs, Proposed Changes
  • Allow for overbilling options
  • Electronic signature authorization (desktop/mobile) – no more print-sign-scan!
  • zip file download per project to share/store contract documentation.

2019: ContractComplete in Review
Things to keep in mind:

  • ContractComplete is also being used by consulting engineers (civil, mechanical), Interior designers, and contractors/suppliers on private, public and P3 projects.
  • With solo (independent) mode. The platform can be used alone by any stakeholder (consultant (sub/prime), contractor, and project owners). Independently it is a great workflow tool for tracking + generating + authorizing + storing formal documentation (PPCs/invoices Change Orders, AR, AP, holdbacks).
  • In collaborative mode, all stakeholders can be invited at any stage with various user permissions – to view all contract modifications in the activity log in real-time.



University of Toronto: John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design

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Madison Cox

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Home-brewing + hops gardening


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