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    Phillip,I have seen several programs over the years and have not been a big favorite of any of them so far. I have been in d/b for almost 28 years. I have worked in the field and behind the desk and I know how long it takes to plant a 4″ tree etc. including the stop at 7-11 for a big gulp and traffic, waiting for the semi to deliver the sod or plants, waiting for Smith to decide if she likes the wall fountain here or there and then the weather and soil conditions have to be considered. It will take you years and I am still learning. Your company should have a good idea of costs already and work from there. Use your common sense. Watch your crews and see how they work and what crews do certain jobs better and quicker than others. I have made up my own system over the years and it has worked for me. Good luck and don’t be afraid to charge what you are worth or you will regret it!

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