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    Add some hidden weights underneath the furniture? Could work depending on the type of furniture ­čÖé ┬á

    Also, if your gut tells you the stuff isn’t realistically ever going to be blow off, feel confident suggesting that you feel it would be fine. Good luck!


    oh just saw the image again… maybe it was actually just a Bee ??? LOL


    damn Brandon! send me a high res image of that buffalo with fly wings !!!! LOVE IT ­čÖé


    First song is by – Owl City – Hello Seattle ( i think )

    Second song is by Passion Pit – Sleepy Head LOVE IT ­čÖé

    Way to take a charge Tyler – Don’t get unmotivated !


    “The MOST i can do should be the LEAST i attempt…”

    I could be very wrong – – but during these “uncertain times” I think people are trying to blame everyone & everything else in order to stay the same and be comfortable with what they are used to… Unfortunately, by doing so they are unknowingly leaving their future in the hands of others.

    I don’t think its just the “economy” or “our industry” – – I think it’s us.

    I’d like to share my personal experience for anyone who’s interested…


    Last Fall, I went through a short stint of feeling really negative, discontent, and fed up with all kinds of things including the work I was involved with and my outlook on the profession (and the world)… In fact I can still relate to the emotions that others are probably feeling on a daily basis…. Here’s the thing though – I didn’t like the way I was feeling – and I knew I had to do something about it !

    So, here’s what a friend and I decided to do:
    1. Come up with a list of “soul searching questions” – 14 to be exact.
    2. Answer one question each day by email with no fear of sharing our honest answers.
    3. After the two weeks I looked over my answers and highlighted the really good stuff.
    4. I took the “good stuff” and incorporated it into a scripture I call my “Ultimate Purpose Statement”
    5. I now read my “Ultimate Purpose Statement” everyday and try to revise it whenever I think of something worth changing.

    The process was extremely powerful for me – I quickly realized that no one but myself could be as fully in charge of “making things better for me” than me… The most important thing I realized: “the less value I felt that I was creating / providing the less happy I felt.”

    Again, I could be very wrong – – but I don’t think its just the “economy” or “our industry” – – I think it’s us.

    The MOST i can do should be the LEAST i attempt…


    The super simple version:
    “The artful integration of humans and the environment…”

    The simple version expanded:
    The responsible consideration & artful integration of human demand and its impact in the environment.

    Or, how about – “Earth Doctors” ­čÖé


    Without diving into the bowels of understanding each thread…
    I’ll throw out one other idea… which would be my first try at a fix anyway.

    From Cad – Print to PDF…
    Open in Illustrator…
    (note any solid hatches in Cad will suck… so plan to fill them in in Illustrator…)
    (If you have any raster images in the acad – delete and link them from illustrator…)
    Save as a high quality print PDF…

    you output should be more than acceptable…

    If i’m not understanding the bigger picture please do help us understand it a bit better…

    good luck sir


    Did you try re-saving the file from inDesign with a change in format settings so that the file is actually slightly re-written ?

    Good luck…


    Hey Matt –

    Check out Liat Margolis – She was teaching at Harvard and I believe is moving to Toronto… She also co-authored the recent book – Living Systems… Perhaps you’ve seen it?

    Let me know if you want to know where to find a bit more.

    Hope things are well – peace love and hockey my friend.


    Just wanted to share a cross sample of my work : Check out my slideshow of photos that i finally got around to adding…


    I tend to touch everything with the computer eventually but there are hand graphics in some of the ones that scream digitally intense.
    Obviously not in the PARTI below or my “sketch-up person avatar” who I used to draw by hand quite often but now has been apparently demoted…

    I envy my mentor’s marker skills and he somehow thinks I’m a computer guru… (I’m guessing this is an all to common relationship these days.)

    So for the record now, I want to keep my hand working but my fingers need to get out of the way… or off the keyboard perhaps.

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