Jarrod Katzer

  • Experiences (and completely successful examples) are few but growing in number. Most introductions of a socially and materially complex notions will come slowly. That being said we only serve to keep them slow when we over examine their components and manufacture contrast between those components. The practice of sustainability must be kept just…[Read more]

  • Yes. “Simple” is, indeed, the word. Solutions are not arrived at by reciting platitude and concocting an enemy to rally against. It feels good though, I know. You seem smart. Focus that intelligence toward engineering cooperative incentive to alter the real and few instances of mass greed. Making an enemy has been done over and over and never suc…[Read more]

  • “Afraid to call a spade a spade”. What do these people have to fear? Every sycophantic public and media organization is, in laughable irony, capitalizing on their “movement” by skewing their “movement” to be more palatable to the masses. You sensationalize these people as if they’re actually risking anything by being squatters. No one has the f…[Read more]

  • They are, in fact, lazy. Educated though they may be they are educated on useless utopian platitude. Bottom line: They never learned to fish because they were taught how evil it was to bait a hook. Consequently the stand at the top of the bank waiting to rob those with the courage to stand at teh water’s edge. They attempt to justify this cov…[Read more]

  • Let me just add to my last with a couple of tidbits. Don’t worry about taking all the tests at once. I have not noticed a lot of overlap – each section almost entirely pertains to its stated material. Frankly, I think folks that say “that test had nothing but section # material on it!” likely did not prepare long enough to know that they were be…[Read more]

  • You’re welcome. I hope it helps. I’m using this method now to study for Section B.

  • I’ve taken two of the three multiple choice exams and passed those two the first time using the following method. I wrote a blog entry somewhere on this site expanding on this method but here it is in a nutshell: It may seem strange at first but it works – apparently. You should know I have no LA degree so I had even that much more of a hand…[Read more]

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