Jess S.

  • “Towerable Mistake” awesome. ­čÖé

  • Just wanted to say thanks everyone for all your feedback! All your perspectives have been helpful. Thanks so much for the guidance. =)

  • Great details, thanks so much… All that geology and engineering and soils sounds quite practical. I like the idea of the program having a little faith in the student’s freedom to design. I wonder if that is characteristic of all MLA programs….Being knighted for landscape design is pretty badass.

  • Thanks for the Master’s perspective, Trace. Did you find that the program, although “dream” oriented, was still a practical course of study? Could you describe what you mean by “mental freedom”?

    Anyone else with a Master’s out there, I’d love to hear your story too.

  • Also, overly theoretical education makes me crazy. I had much experience of that at NYU. ( Although now I realize that when you’re an undergraduate at least, its fairly harmless.) Maybe even when you’re a grad…..

  • Thanks again everyone for your continuing feedback… Andrew your comments about teachers vs clients are very smart. I can definitely remember undergrad teachers who I didn’t mesh well with and yet learned from (or was forced to learn something from, in order to benefit from the experience!). And from my (albeit relatively short) experience as a…[Read more]

  • Thanks everyone, for the detailed and thoughtful feedback so far! I appreciate the sharing of experiences… This is really turning the issue inside out for me, its great to hear different perspectives. Unfortunately, I don’t know if realistically I could pay for four more years of school. But just knowing there is such a huge gulf between the…[Read more]

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