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  • Joyce E. Weise replied to the topic Dynascape in the forum GENERAL DISCUSSION 9 years ago


    Daniel Tal has a process he uses to bring CAD drawings into SketchUp that works real well. He can do an online training with you or you can buy his book SketchUp for Site Design.

    He also has some videos in You Tube.  Maybe start there.

    He is my go to guy when I need help.

    Joyce E. Weise PLA, ASLA

  • Joyce E. Weise replied to the topic Wacom Cintiq 12 WX in the forum TECHNOLOGY 14 years ago

    Nick Aceto said:

    Looks cool. Have you ever used a tablet?

    I’ve actually have a Wacom Intuous that I am trying to learn how to use. I’m having a hard time drawing while looking at the screen instead of down at my work. This is why I’m interested in the Cintiq.


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