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I have extensive knowledge in the development process, have successfully managed project team in project designed teams on both Private and Public Projects. I am competent in Microsoft: Word; Excel; Project; PowerPoint, Notebook and Rusty in ACAD and Photoshop.

• Graduated BS Landscape Architecture, Cum Laude California State Polytechnic College, Pomona

• Worked for Civil Engineering Firm as Planner 5 years

• Worked for Larwin Company Builder Developer, California as Planner/Landscape Architect – 5 years

• Established Keith French Associates (KFA) in January 1970 with offices in Washington, DC and Los Angeles,

• Following the sale of KFA joined EDAW, inc. (now AECOM) as Principal within one year becoming the Officer in-Charge of the EDAW Newport Beach and Chairman of the Board.

• Worked for Shapell Industries a Builder Developer in Southern California as Director of Landscape Development. This Role was to provide an efficient systematic system for the Selection, Hiring and Management of Landscape Architects, Landscape Contractors and Landscape Maintenance Contractors.

• Keith formed Rapp & French. Landscape Architecture, Planning and Urban Design in San Clemente, Projects of Significance included Stanford Ranch, Rocklin, CA and Chandler Memorial Plaza, Chandler, AZ

• In 1989 Keith Joined NUVIs as Principal during that time Keith was the Landscape Architect for Mission College, Santa Clara and Rivermark an award winning Multifamily Development in Santa Clara.

• In 2001 Keith joined Project Design Consultants, San Diego as Director of Landscape Architecture and Operations Manager for Planning. During that time Keith was responsible for numerous Landscape and Planning Projects in San Diego, Phoenix, Bakersfield and Salinas,

• In 2006 Worked for Civica Development LLC, Goodyear, AZ in a land development/management firm in Goodyear, AZ Keith’s role was to develop a management operations plan and schedule for over 120 individual land development projects.

• In June 2014 Keith located to Wichita, KS and serves ongoing/as-needed pro bono consultant to Marty Miller Director, Botanica. I am also on the Board of Directors for my Church.

Favorite Designers

Charles A. Rapp
Richard A. Moore FASLA

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