Kirk Bianchi

  • Ok the leica rep was trying to upgrade me to the Disto 3D which he said was infinitely easier to relocate. Small jump in price. I also found a local service which will do a leica BLK 360 cloud laser scan affordably. I’m going to try that Monday, to see if the cloud is too cumbersome to work with. Have you ever worked with the the cloud data that…[Read more]

  • Thanks Andrew! How did you handle complex sites where you have to move the tripod around to various areas, collecting more than 30 points?
    I’m using Vectorworks. Thought someone in the thread was.

  • Good morning! In years past, I used an app called Orthograph to draft the house and yard in, and then use the disto 810 I had at the time to collect dimensions and edit the file on the ipad on the fly. When I left the site, I had a dwg file drawn up and ready to start working with.

    I no longer have the 810, and am intrigued by the 910 and the 3D…[Read more]

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