• macsurf replied to the topic MLA Decision Time in the forum EDUCATION 11 years, 3 months ago

    Good luck — I would stay with City and try to grab an assistantship or job.  I’m currently in school, finishing my 5th semester at UF – 2 more to go.  I work 2 jobs (one at the university and the other as a teaching assistant) and I still racked up $35k by having to pay two semesters out of state.  The other 3 semesters I have worked and had 9 cr…[Read more]

  • I just completed an advanced GIS course based largely on using geostatistical analysis.  I think you’re using the term “metadata” incorrectly – what you’re thinking of is attribute data, metadata is information about the layer – who made it, when, what it is –  whether a shapefile, GDB, etc.
    For the final project I modeled the location of el…[Read more]

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