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    Better attitude can affect your drawing skills immensely Ever since I have changed my attitude to be better and looser, my drawing skills improved drastically. These are what I have changed: * I will no longer want to compete with my peers, just want to draw better than my wife, that is all. * I begin to realize that the more mistakes I have made on drawing, the better I can improve upon it when properly criticized. The mistake is on a sheet of paper but not on my life. * I know that to be a good designer, drawing is just a process and not a product like an artist, so I don’t need to draw well as long as I can convey ideas to the clients effectively. * I draw because I enjoy and not to draw in order to please someone else. * There is no perfect drawing, so why try so hard. * If someone laughs at my drawings, it doesn’t bother me anymore, they are just a group of professional AH who specialize in making others to be upset, so why argue, just leave them along. * I love to share what I know so I can learn from others. Sharing creates repetitiveness that leads you to learn more with better understanding. * If I can’t draw well, simply because I am not done yet, but I firmly believe I can draw, that is a great feeling even if I lied a little. After all, I am still alive and why get upset with drawing when it is only a small part of your life. To me, family, friends and health is far more important than a good drawing. * My skill can’t get worse and there is a tomorrow to improve. Also I am glad I can always draw better than my clients, With the above good attitudes, everyone can draw better. So go for it. Attached is the “Falling Water” in charcoal, I was surprised to get it drawn in just 15 minutes on 36″ x 36″ bond paper, may be I was very relax and I didn’t care for the result.

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