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  • Hey, sorry it took me over a month to respond..
    Yes I did get admitted for 2010 and they allowed me to defer for 1 year.  I had the same plan as you, but got cold feet about moving to a new city without any money or a job.  I am planning on saving up money while living with my parents back in Michigan until the move. 
    Hope that helps. Mess…[Read more]

  • One thing to consider about UC-Denver is that after one year of school you can establish residency and then pay in-state rates for the rest of your time at school.

    I am attending UC-Denver for my MLA I in Fall 2011, so if that’s your choice ultimately let me know, because it’s a new city for me too!

  • I completely agree with this: “allowing for a little more kookiness in the designs, a little more roughness around the edges.” I think balance and symmetry are vital to any design, but it is a framework not a maxim to be applied to every element of a place. One of the best things about large and historic urban cores is the clearly organic way in…[Read more]

  • Unfortunately, I missed the boat on Harvard their app deadline is passed (today actually)

    could you elaborate a little further on Penn and A&M as it relates to urban design w/in MLA?

  • I am an undergrad, but I am getting a BA in Urban Planning and Finance, so I would need to do the first professional program. I’ve been to NYC a handful of times and am quite familiar with the city, so culturally I don’t think I would have any problem adjusting. I will probably head out there to visit in which case I’ll let you know. I understand…[Read more]

  • after some review that actually looks like a good program at a very reasonable price. Did you get an MLA from there by any chance? I am wondering what kind of job prospects their grads have. I don’t have any frame of reference on how the industry views degrees from various schools other than the publicized DesignIntelligence rankings

  • I’m aware of MUDs but Im not looking for that because I want to stick on a 3-year schedule pretty much. I’m thinking more along the lines of an MLA program with a concentration in something related to urban design (sort of like OSU’s community and urban landscape design concentration)

  • I haven’t looked at ASU but unfortunately, UT & Berkeley have app deadlines that are too soon (Jan 5-8th) for me to get an app in. I am considering working for a year if I can find a job in which case I would apply there for sure.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of UC-Denver in terms of quality or what kind of experiences other people had there

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