Philippa Wilson

  • I have just purchased the Disto S910 & am very pleased with it. I haven’t used it for an actual project yet but have had a play around with it. It seems to be very quick & easy to use. The screen is a little difficult to see in bright sunlight (much like a mobile phone screen in sunlight) but its not too bad. I downloaded the measurements in DXF…[Read more]

  • Thank you so much for your in depth reply. Great to hear how you use the Disto it out in the field.
    I was just wondering – are you able to set the elevation to ‘0’ for your first measurement – like you can on a zip level? (For example – make the house floor level ‘0’ & the all the other elevations would relate back to that.)
    I use Vectorworks, so…[Read more]

  • Hi Andrew
    I’m considering purchasing the Disto S910 or maybe a total station. So far the Disto seems as if it would be easier to use. I have a couple of questions for you –
    Is it easy to position the laser dot accurately outdoors? I have an older laser & have found it really difficult to hold it still & see it in bright sunlight.
    Did you get the…[Read more]

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