Shimi Dahan

  • Whilst I am glad you all find the discussion useful – let’s avoid blank statements and overlooking the progress some applications had achieved. Every release of each application brings many new and sometimes very good features. Some of these upgrades make a huge difference and change the appeal of the software.
    So for 2D – AutoCAD LT is g…[Read more]

  • I still have not found an intuitive terrain modelling platform for us landscape architects.
    Rhino can produce nice surfaces, which can be pulled and pushed to get the aethetics right, but its contours are inaccurate and, unlike Civil 3D, very static. Civil 3D on the other hand is very dynamic and great in live sections and contours, but falls…[Read more]

  • John – this question keeps popping up and is a testament of the range of aspirations, skill sets and experiences out there in the industry.
    I have seen them all and to date, I have not seen THE tool for landscape architects. We have to use various platforms to deliver the wide range of services we provide.

    There are quite a few parameters to this…[Read more]

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