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    Natira is this was got out of


    The floor area ratio (FAR) or floor space index (FSI) is the ratio of the total floor area of buildings on a certain location to the size of the land of that location, or the limit imposed on such a ratio.

    As a formula: Floor area ratio = (Total covered area on all floors of all buildings on a certain plot)/(Area of the plot)

    Thus, an FSI of 2.0 would indicate that the total floor area of a building is two times the gross area of the plot on which it is constructed, as would be found in a multiple-story building.



    Veenu Jayaram


    I would most of your question common for Section D, here are few that i could find,

    3. Parking  lighting ranging from Self parking to Attendant Parking as per Time saver standards ( PAGE 540-12, 13)

    is about 1 to 2 foot candles respectively

    4. this depends on what recreation you are using it for. Check the same page as above for more details, One question I recall was about lighting that is recommended for sports field should be uniform and shouldn’t have much color variation.

    5. Floor Area Ratio FAR  is always the total amount of built space against your site area. That helps decide the density and other developmental aspect of any development.So if you have ten floors then 

    FAR = ( total area of ten floors)/ area of the site


    Hope these help. Is it possible to know if these questions were from previous tests

    good luck


    Veenu Jayaram



    I would totally agree with a beware of  a MLA if you have done a BLA ( just so many repetition). Architecure and Urban design is good at UCLA as far I have heard. I went to USC, MLA program after a BArch from India. But do your home work well before choosing you school and major. Ask yourself how the studio focus are, faculty, what courses are offered in the program and how the program connects you to the outside world practically ( Well, if getting jobs is your final desitination). MBA could be good focus too. Fees matters, check if schols offer scholarships. Aslo as said before ask yourself what are YOUR goals. What are you pay back expectations and what kind of  a work place you want to work in. As far in my opinion, for pratical architecture knowledge sometimes working in a office with a good mentoring collegues and good design build firm you can pretty much get all the education you need without the school fees too. 

    Hope that helps. Again DO YOUR HOMEWORK! before settling for school.

    Good luck,



    Veenu Jayaram

    Thanks Henry,

    will do that.

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