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  • Alland, 
    Something I can think of right now are, 
    Pavement Cross sections, look for 
    -thickness of concrete
    -proper placement of filter fabric
    -water proofing etc
    -Riser thread heights or riser tread combined dimensions
    -Handrail height, end handrail wrap up
    Gaurdrails- spacing between rails, height, minimum requirement of gaurd…[Read more]

  • Veenu Jayaram replied to the topic Masters Programs in the forum EDUCATION 8 years ago

    I would totally agree with a beware of  a MLA if you have done a BLA ( just so many repetition). Architecure and Urban design is good at UCLA as far I have heard. I went to USC, MLA program after a BArch from India. But do your home work well before choosing you school and major. Ask yourself how the studio focus are, faculty, what c…[Read more]

  • Thanks Henry,
    will do that.

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