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  • Mapping the Crisis 

    The world’s first modern atlas emerged in 1570. Nearly 450 years later, Professor Richard Weller, chair of Landscape Architecture at University of Pennsylvania, and his team produced “A […]

    • Who comes up with these LAME theories anyway??? Liberal Professors and Liberal Landscape Architecture Students……who rely on ridiculous unproven theories instead of looking seriously at the “science”.

      This whole notion that one of the major roles of Landscape Architects is to “SAVE THE PLANET” is getting really old people. Of course our Planet has “Climate Change”, it has from the beginning of time and always will. Mankind has absolutely ZERO control of the EARTH’s climate.

      The recent idea by some of the Democratic Party Presidential Candidates suggesting the U.S. spend $3 to $30 Trillion dollars to “Change our .Climate” is not only ridiculous but, completely laughable!

      CLIMATE (and air pollution – water pollution) are GLOBAL issue, NOT just an issue here in the United States. The U.S. has made major improvements in improving our Air Pollution problems…..but, take a close look at the rest of the Nations on our Planet…..they could care less. China, Russia, India, South Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Mexico….on and on will not and can not be made to reduce their Carbon Emissions. Really, WHO is going to make them stop???

      Legitimate Environmental Scientists have clearly stated…..that MANKIND can not and does not have ANY control over the CLIMATE CHANGES on our Planet. If there is anyone or any organization or Nation who truly believes THEY can alter the CLIMATE CHANGES on Earth……I would love to meet them….because, they just don’t exist.

      Just a last note. Satellite images of the EARTH show that the Planet is GREENER now that it has been in past 100 years. So, a TON of Oxygen is being released into our environment.

      Please LAND 8…..stop publishing these very LIBERAL articles that suggest Landscape Architect’s should spend their “design careers” in an effort to SAVE the PLANET. IMO, a vast majority of Landscape Architects are doing well just trying to make a descent living in this profession.

  • Just as New York has Central Park, Bangkok has just received its lungs of the City – the Chulalongkorn Centenary Park, the first sizeable green infrastructure project, which has been designed for the city to face […]

    • I’m definitely NOT an expert on Far Eastern Nation’s environmental issues……but, IMO, any efforts to “green” up large Asian cities could very well be a “waste of…..time and money”.

      Because, the most critical environmental issue (in my mind) in those large Asian Cities…..Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo & yes, even Bangkok…and several other cities in this part of the World….is “Air Pollution” due to excessive CO2 emissions! This issue should be their #1 priority. But, with their city populations continuing to grow by the thousands every year, the CO2 problem can only get worse. In Seoul, South Korea (for example)…the Government shut down (650) downtown parking garages/lots…due to the high CO2/Air Pollution problems…forcing thousands of workers to use “mass transit” to get to and from work.

      So, adding City Parks & other green spaces in Bangkok and other Southeast Cities seems like a GREAT idea, but, it’s my “understanding”….maybe I’m wrong…that they are more interested in “financial interests” by building more and more skyscrapers & industry, than improving the quality of their lives.

      J. Robert (Bob) Wainner – Plano, Texas USA

  • There is a “Wandering Landscape Architect” currently making a splash in the Instagram scene. If there is a slight anonymity about the page, it is done so intentionally. The creator behind the page is landscape […]

  • Hi Everyone! I need your thoughts and participation.

    I am pulling together an article named “The Ultimate Soundtrack to Landscape Architecture” and it is going to be based on the feedback of the Land8:Landscape Architect’s Network community’s experiences. The title might suggest that it is related to music but I want to broaden the spectru…[Read more]

  • Hi Joshua, I see – I haven’t been to China yet so it’s interesting that you shared this.

  • In 2017, 112 million Americans listened to a podcast and 42 million listen to a podcast on a weekly basis. This amounts to 15% of the total US population, which is five times more than weekly visits made to the […]

  • Development in China is known to happen very quickly. Imagine the intensity of the design process from project conception to construction, which amplifies the importance of getting it right within a small time […]

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  • We explore the key differences between a garden designer and a landscape architect.  When is a garden designer a landscape architect/designer? Are they rivals or are they on par? This article is mainly inspired […]

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