City Install for Community Happiness

The World happiness report and quality of living and life to be quoted:

“Community and social connections are a central theme of the 2019 report, which details how face-to-face activities, such as sports and volunteering, contribute to positive well-being, while online connectivity can undermine it.”

How can a simple, economical park or walkway install increase happiness, and health in any city? Greater Walkable cities and placemaking where people want to go? Greater local, city-wide, and global engagement for the rapidly changing 21st century?

On answer is the multi-award winning Peace Walkway. A “Hollywood walk of fame but for peacemakers” a mile long install of bronze plaques of famous peacemakers. With its own APP, which reads each plaque and then gives a timeline history of that peacemaker.

Yes, augmented reality and APP use expands the dialogue, exchanges, and placemaking for health walkability, and community image building for positivity and happiness in any city. The App also connects one Peace Walkway in one city with others located worldwide. Thus a peace beyond borders exchange can take place. Already 14 cities have inquired about it being part of its urban wellness, super parks installations.

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  • SuperPARKS

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