From Unused Backyard to Vacation Oasis

Unused backyard? Should there even be such a thing? If you’re blessed with your own backyard space at home, then it’s definitely time to make the most out of it! Actually, the options are endless when it comes to creating your perfect little oasis, a getaway from everyday domestics. With fresh air and a piece of nature at your disposal, you can get creative and go for something truly spectacular or very personal; whatever seems to be the right kind of vacation oasis for you. Be it a private paradise for you to relax and unwind after a long day or an entertainment place for you, your friends and family, it’s all waiting right at home!

1. It all starts with some welcoming landscape

So, what is the current state of your backyard? Is there even enough room for all the potential plans that you want to realize? Are you satisfied with the curb appeal? Well, there are bound to be some necessary changes here and there. For starters, take care of the lawn and get rid of any weeds. If your fence doesn’t match your ideal vacation oasis, give it a fresh coat of paint. In case there are bits and bobs everywhere, store them in the shed or basement. And if you think there’s need for more greenery, don’t hesitate to add some. After all, you can always opt for low-maintenance plants that look rich and beautiful all year round.

2. Get more privacy in an instant

If you’re planning to create a truly personal and private vacation oasis out of your backyard, you can’t have curious eyes spoiling all the fun. This is where you need to think of the best way to add more privacy. If you already have a fence, you can work with that and maybe make it even more effective by using vine plants as well. But, if you don’t have a fence, it may be a time to install one. In case this seems like a project too big for you at the moment, worry not. There are different privacy screen options such as bamboo and wooden lattice. What’s more, you can simply use large pots with tall plants.

3. Seat up your backyard

Every backyard vacation oasis needs a proper seating arrangement. This is where you get to play with your ideas about what the most ideal solution is for you. For starters, you can always do with some chairs and a coffee table. But why stop there? You can easily incorporate a living room-like seating arrangement, if that suits your oasis image. Moreover, you can add various kinds of seaters for your own comfort. These can be hammocks, lazy bags, cozy armchairs and whatever else comes to mind. Just make sure that the furniture you use is water resistant. Otherwise, you should have proper covers or a place to store it all away, when the elements demand it.

4. Outdoor cooking tastes the best

If you can lounge outside, why would you have to cook inside? No vacation oasis would be complete without some kind of an outdoor kitchen. Of course, it’s up to you to decide what would make the best addition to this natural escape of yours. Want to surprise your guests with different style BBQs? Then that settles it! More interested in baking? Then by all means, make the most out of the stone oven. Boost your outdoor kitchen with Bertazzoni ranges that will provide you with the ultimate cooking experience. Even if it’s just a fiery hearth, your backyard will be a lot cozier, warmer and more welcoming. Of course, if it’s possible, bring the mini fridge to the party.

5. Spice things up with some fun pastimes

Are you looking for the ultimate entertainment hideaway in the comfort of your own home? Your backyard can make it all possible with this little makeover project. Aside from the boosted curb appeal, outdoor kitchen and comfy seating arrangements, don’t hesitate to bring some fun to the yard with readily available games for both you and your guests. Outdoor board games, a pool, a playground for kids and/or a homemade open air movie theater are just some of the many possibilities you have when building your vacation oasis from scratch.

Once you have all your ideas planned and worked out, don’t wait to start making it all happen. In the end, this kind of a transformation doesn’t have to require a ridiculous amount of time or money. If there’s a will there’s a way. 

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