Riverstone Wetland Park – Sugar Land, Texas

A celebration of simpler times and the land’s natural heritage, Riverstone’s wetland park connects kids to nature in a way that inspires simple play — and getting a little dirty. Created from a parcel of flat land in partnership with a biologist, the wetland park is a rich ecosystem full of thriving aquatic plants, bald cypress domes, interactive features, and animals like egrets, fish and frogs. Engaging elements like a mud pie kitchen, targets in ponds to inspire skipping stones, pathways of partially submerged rocks, meandering trails, and interpretive signage — including pillars with pull-out drawers featuring an integrated magnifying glass for closer examination — promote learning through play. This atypical park destination speaks to the authenticity of the place while fulfilling requirements to replace wetlands lost to development.

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A Principal in TBG’s Houston office, Meade has more than 20 years’ experience working on a wide range of project types throughout the design and construction processes. He has a strong affinity for natural play environments that connect users, particularly children, to the natural environment and encourage exploration. Meade’s ability to design immersive environments that pique all the senses is an exceptional creative talent.

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