Skiathos Island, Greece

Beige is a soft neutral, balanced and flexible color. It has calming effect and it symbolizes simplicity. Beige marbles offer some of the warmth of the brown color and the some of the crisp and coolness of the color white.

Material used: California marble

  • Skiathos1
  • Skiathos17
  • Skiathos73
  • SkiathosL18
  • LabadariouHR14
  • labadariouhr28
  • labadariouhr35
  • labadariouhr37
  • labadariouhr49
  • labadariouhr52
  • labadariouhr56
  • labadariouhr79
  • labadariouhr85
  • labadariouhr94
  • labadariouhr103
  • labadariouhr116
  • labadariouhr132

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