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Summer is a wonderful time full of non-stop events and one of my favorites are different ways of producing art whether it’s through meticulously sculpting a sand castle to look like one of the built wonders of the world, placing flowers in designs to look like intricately woven carpets or drawing an original work of art in chalk on the sidewalk. The latter can even go so far as to truly look like it could be on the sidewalk. Julian Beever is one such artist and he has been creating sidewalk masterpieces all over the world for over ten years.

I especially love this coke bottle. Look at the amazing reflections on the bottle and the shadows on the pavement. I seriously thought there was a real giant bottle there when I saw it for the first time.

He likes to get really interactive with his art as well…

Or create a series in which he becomes part of the art….

The special trick with his sidewalk art is to draw them in just the right way to make them actually appear to be three dimensional. These means that when viewed from the wrong angle, they look all stretched and distorted but when viewed from the correct angle, they look amazing. For example, see this series of wrong angle followed by correct angle…

But no matter where he draws or what his subject matter is, within the community that he brings together in the process, he will always leave a lasting impression.

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  1. these are awesome. I found this youtube video a few days ago which shows the making of one of these pieces of art, and the interaction of the public with it.

  2. Oh that’s cool! I love how everyone wanted to do poses like they were falling off the edge or hanging out on the little piece.

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