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This week’s Sketchy Saturday top 10. We don’t run the Sketchy Saturday every week because we have to wait until the right sketches come in. We take pride in posting a rich diversity of hand drawing talent as we want to celebrate the many different styles that are sent into us. We don’t just want generic sketches, we want sketches that are unmistakably yours and an extension of who you are and what you can offer the world. Student, professional or hobbyist, everyone gets treated the same when it comes to Sketchy Saturday, making it a unique melting pot of passion, creativity and skills. Enjoy this week’s Sketchy Saturday top 10! 1o. by Elisabeth Lindman garden designer / architect at Lustgård Trädgårdsdesign, founder and chairman of the Swedish Society for Garden designers, Sweden


By Elisabeth Lindman

 “This is a sketch I made as part of a big project in a private garden in Sweden. This young couple traveled a lot and wherever they went in the world they bought them self a hammock / cot as a souvenir. But in their garden they had no big trees and nowhere to place them. Therefore, I designed this sheltered garden room with poles for the hammocks. Easy to change and replace them. A place to relax / hang with friends. The sketch is made really quick in the garden, just to illustrate my idea”. 9. by Eva Suellen de Oliveira Fortaleza, Architecture and Urban Planning student, in Brazil
Sketchy Saturday

By Eva Suellen de Oliveira Fortaleza

“My motivation was to represent a landscape project that I was working on. Last year I was in USA (Kansas State University), living and studying as an exchange student. There, I took this Landscape class and I fell in love with it. So, in this project I was told to make a landscape project of one part of the Manhattan City Park. I wanted to make an expressive drawing, just with ink and showing the shadows of the space. I made it in USA on tracing paper and ink”. 8. by Richard Hodgetts, director of Vista Landscape Studio 
Sketchy Saturday

By Richard Hodgetts

“The existing garden comprised a series of stepped terraces with a little useable space. The brief was to create a more useable garden with a large terrace to the rear for entertainment. The proposed garden was created by using cut and fill and creating a large flat grass area with a glass balustrade at the end to allow for views towards London. The lower garden had a seating area, fire pit and bbq area along with a children’s play Area. The perspective shows the lower garden area”. 7. by  Djordje Pralica
Sketchy Saturday

By Djordje Pralica

“This sketch represents the neglected Sava riverfront in Belgrade, Serbia. In the center is the small floating shipyard for river boats surrounded with other deserted boats. For this sketch, I used colored pencils on brown paper”. 6. by Namdev Talluru, architecture student, nit trichy, India.
Sketchy Saturday

By Namdev Talluru

“Its a simple rough sketch of a small scale design. The wall extensions turn into plant pots and the building turns into a beautiful play of colors with white red and green”. 5. by Eric Ernstberger, Rundell Ernstberger Associates
Sketchy Saturday

By Eric Ernstberger

“League of Extraordinary Artisans” a monumental cor-ten steel and wood array. A small college in Northern Indiana with emphasis on the arts commissioned REA to “create a new image for the half mile road frontage they owned” . The original sketch is 11×17 inches red pencil on trace paper”. 4. by Peter Bonette “The view is of the Bay Bridge in San Fransisco. It is fun to be able to sketch plain air and helpful professionally. Drawn in ink first and then rendered in color pencil at home. It is 4″x6”. Drawing Related Articles:

Sketchy Saturday

By Peter Bonette

3. by Bakhtiar Amir, Co-founder of ADA Design Internationale, Architect / Urban Designer, Malaysia
Sketchy Saturday

By Bakhtiar Amir

“The sketch was a conceptual design proposal for a mixed use development, as part of the overall Tianjin Redevelopment Masterplan in Tianjin China. It is a preliminary expression of form + place-making as a synthetic gesture towards the overall development master plan. Materials used were artline 0.6 for building outline definition, and artline 0.4 for architectural articulation, landscape and context. Drawing was done on butter paper”. 2. by Lily Mank
Sketchy Saturday

By Lily Mank

“This sketch is for my senior capstone project taking place at Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. I created it using pen and colored pencil, I wanted to capture the softness of the plantings and the serenity of the space”. 1. by Peter Bonette
Sketchy Saturday

By Peter Bonette

“This is option one for a covered patio space. It included a monumental Rustic stone fireplace that you can grill in, pizza oven and a bar with seating. There is room for a sectional sofa and coffee table, and a dining table for eight”. – That’s this week’s Sketchy Saturday Top 10, congratulations to all of you who featured, you have come out on top of a very talented bunch of people. Check out the Sketchy Saturday official Facebook album and see literally 1,000′s of incredible sketches! Follow all the winning entries on our dedicated Sketchy Saturday Pinterest page. If you want to take part send your entries to us at Recommended reading:

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