Top 10 YouTube Tutorials for Technical Drawing

Top 10 YouTube Tutorials for Technical Drawing

YouTube can deliver many great tutorials on the subject of technical drawing, so feel free to check out this Top 10 and form your own opinion. Landscape architects are required to be familiar with technical drawing because so much of their work is related to space geometry and planning. The success of a landscape architect is often defined by how well his/her skills are developed, with technical drawing standing at the top of the list. Regardless of how familiar you are with technical drawing, there are still many things to be learned. The YouTube tutorials presented in this article are going to reveal essential information related to the field of technical drawing. It is well known that tutorial videos deliver the information faster and in a more efficient manner than other sources, so be sure to consider them as your source of knowledge. – Below, you will find the Top 10 YouTube tutorials for technical drawing. Each of them has something to offer in terms of knowledge and practical information, so be sure to pay attention to all and use them to develop yourself and your skills.

Tutorials for Technical Drawing

10. How to Make a Scale Drawing, by Dana Lee This video will take you back to the basics, teaching you all about the different measurement systems and types of technical drawing. The information is presented in easy-to-comprehend terms that explain the clear difference between one-to-one drawing (drawn object has the same size as in real life) and scale drawing (miniature sketches). I recommend this video, as it delivers essential information on scale and also highlights the importance of making a rough sketch before doing the actual drawing. Watch:

9. Introduction to Engineering Drawing, by EzEd Channel If you are looking for an introductory tutorial to the world of technical drawing, then this one is perfect for you. Thanks to this tutorial, you will learn what engineering drawing is all about, which drawing instruments are essential for this kind of work (along with individual uses), and the types of lines commonly chosen for technical drawing projects. I recommend this video, as it appeals to the visual sense (through graphic information) while delivering useful information through the spoken word. Watch:

8. Multiview Drawing, by Eric Fischer Multi-view drawing is one of the most important skills you will want to develop. This video tutorial made is great, as it takes you through all the steps of the process, teaching you how to transform a real 3D shape into a 2D drawing. The spoken information is strengthened by graphic information and written text. Watch:

7. How to Draw Oblique Sketches, by Ty Vernon The oblique tutorial is going to guide you through every step of the process, helping you learn how to draw oblique sketches. The information is structured into four parts, each being presented in detail. I recommend this video because it contains a wealth of useful information, delivered gradually so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Watch:

6. Understanding First and Third Angle Projections, by DesignInnovations If you are just starting to discover technical drawing, then you will need to watch this video. Presented in easy-to-comprehend terms, it will help you in understanding first and third angle projections. I recommend this video because it explains the differences between these two types of projections quite clearly. Watch:

5. How to Draw a City Using Two Point Perspective, by Circle Line Art School The two-point perspective is quite complex, and you need to learn it from the best. This video contains a simple demonstration on how a city can be drawn using this perspective, and the steps are easy to follow. I recommend this video because of all the knowledge it delivers. Watch:

4. Orthographic Projection Drawing Tutorial, by AutoCAD Tutorials For those of you who are interested in learning how to make a simple orthographic projection, there is no better tutorial to follow. It will present clear steps to take for drawing the front and end elevation, plus the plan for looking down on the object. You will find recommendations on what kind of pencil to use and how to measure correctly. Plus, it explains important things, such as the appearance of construction lines. Related Articles: 


3. Orthographic Projection and Solved Question, by Khabia Sir This video is definitely worth seeing, as it explains the basic concepts behind orthographic projection. In providing this explanation, the author of the video makes use of a 3D model. I recommend this video because of the animated projections. Watch:

2. Using Sketching Effectively in Design – Drawing, Sketching and Designing, by The Open University This video tutorial is quite interesting, as it takes a simple toy and transforms it into an amazing sketch. There is a lot of visual information, including when it comes to the purpose of shading. Watch:

1. Rules for Dimensioning, by Jon Olson I have chosen this video for number one, as I feel it presents vital information for anyone who is interested in technical drawing. It offers a clear and simple perspective regarding the proper dimensioning techniques and is definitely worth watching. Watch:

Selecting Tutorials for Technical Drawing

In conclusion, you can find hundreds of YouTube tutorials that are meant to help you with your technical drawing skills. The important thing is that you learn how to select those that transmit meaningful information. Remember, selection is the key! Recommended Reading:

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