Sustainability in the Sports Arena

With the World Cup 2010 officially underway in South Africa, it’s got me thinking of another country planning to host their own set of worldwide sports events: Brazil. Two of the largest sporting competitions in the world, the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, , will be held there. Brazil has made it their goal to create and adopt strict environmental criteria for the design and implementation of these events, going down the list from promoting organic products all the way to neutralizing all greenhouse gas emissions. Have you ever heard of net-zero Olympics?? I’m game.

There are certainly some wacky designs out there that deserve to be shared. Here is a great set of articles all about the venues for additional reading:

Solar City Tower by RAFAA

Sweet video of the Olympic venues If you scroll down a bit, you’ll even see videos promoting the runner –up cities of Chicago, Madrid, and Tokyo.

Fouls and Goals for Climate Change at World Cup

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