The 10 Best YouTube Channels for Landscape Architecture Students

YouTube Channels for Landscape Architecture Students

Article by Farah Afza Jurekh – In this article, we take a look at some gems in the would of YouTube that are perfect Youtube channels for landscape architecture students. For landscape architecture students, everything cannot be taught in the studio, rather it is also self-learning process. While professors can help you learn how to generate a concept before the execution of the plans or how to work on improving your presentation skills, they may not be able to help you improve your drawing skills. All they can do is guide you, judge you, and hopefully make you a better designer. Following, we take a closer look at 10 of the best YouTube channels for landscape architecture students. Starting from generating a concept, architectural drawings, hand renderings, computer renderings and post-production, tips and tricks of model making, the portfolio and presentation styles, and even the inspirational projects of the world-famous firms are all included to help students and save their valuable time while searching for the right tutorials. So, here comes the list of those useful armors to save yourselves on the battlefield.

YouTube Channels for Landscape Architecture Students

10. 30×40 Design Workshop

30×40 Design Workshop covers a wide range of architectural topics including tutorials on software and architectural short courses on products and materials, focusing on different architectural topics. Generating a concept relating to your site is one of the most important tasks of any project. For newbies, it can be quite difficult to figure this out. In this channel, there are architectural courses to help you understand exactly how to do this. Other than that, there are tutorials on different software, and tips and tricks on model making to ease your problems.

9. Show It Better

It is a platform where one can get to know about architectural presentation styles and by following the tutorials one can excel in presentation skills. Having good presentation skills is very advantageous to architecture students. Through this skill, one can easily impress their studio teachers and later, in professional life, their clients. One of the famous architectural firms, BIG’s presentation skills are very impressive and it is worth learning and following. In this channel, you will also find tutorials on how BIG styles can be executed to make your works more presentable and interactive to clients.

8. Alex Hogrefe

The tutorials of Alex Hogrefe are always very helpful. His presentation skills and graphics sense are simply mindblowing. How he turns a simple line drawing or a simple 3D model into a masterpiece can teach students a lot. Since we always run short of time before submissions, his quick and easy steps in Photoshop and SketchUp tutorials can help save you from facing an overly critical jury.

7. Digital ArchLand

This channel provides tutorials to shape topography, terrains, and 3D modeling in SketchUp. It is important when the site has varying topography to actually show it and these tutorials will show you how to do the modeling in either SketchUp or Rhino.

6. Autodesk

Autodesk, the makers of AutoCAD, offers a wide array of tutorials on all of their programs, including AutoCAD, 3d Max, Revit and Maya. One can easily master these skills by going through their tutorials.

5. Itoo Software Itoo Software provides two important plugins – Forest Pack and Railclone and the tutorials to teach you how to use them. Both plugins are very useful in 3Ds Max to create realistic, natural environments while rendering. Although background environments can easily be edited in Photoshop, the hassle of adding trees, adjusting hues, and balancing colors can be avoided using this plugin. For those who want their renderings to be super-realistic, Forest Pack will be a blessing to them.

4. Nick Senske

In his tutorials, Nick Senske provides a series of lectures on Rhino, Rhino sun studies, Grasshopper, portfolio layout using InDesign, Maxwell texture mapping and Photoshop renderings which are all very useful to improve our skills. In 3D modelling and rendering, texture mapping and controlling light are determining parts for a realistic render visualization. Nick Senske provides detailed instructions on texture mapping in Maxwell, and light-controlling techniques for better renderings.

3. Themodmin No matter how skilled you are at digital renderings, hand renderings hold a special place in architectural fields. Hand renderings are always appreciated, but are often overlooked and underused. For beginners who are not confident enough to start, this channel will help you to become a pro in architectural sketching and hand renderings.

2. Lumion

We all know that Lumion is very easy and useful software. Nowadays, the more interactive the presentation is, the better grade you will receive and animations are great ways to communicate with your clients through your presentation. For animations, Lumion is the fastest and the easiest way. It is fun to learn, and is more like a video game but serves its purpose perfectly. Undoubtedly, the tutorials on Lumion are worth learning.

1. American Society Of Landscape Architects

This tutorial is for students to get inspired, to be willing to explore more creative ideas and to produce more successful projects. Here you will find many videos on sustainable landscape architectural projects, ASLA award-winning projects, interviews of architects, and students who will share their knowledge and ideas with you to inspire you.

No matter how talented you are, in architecture, ultimately, your presentation skill will speak for you. So it is very important to learn these tools and software by heart in order to beat your fellow students and survive in the long run. Please leave your comments below. Have any of these channels helped you to improve your skills? Or are there any other YouTube channels you would recommend?


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