The Daily Blend for Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A gigantic, twisting Gordian Knot challenges our ideas of the interior and exterior. This tangle of branches breathes life into the otherwise sterile room at the Palais de Tokyo, a temporary installation by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira. You can watch how they installed it here. (Colossal)







  • West8’s cool concrete honeycomb structure, the Park Pegola at MaximaPark, has been chosen as a finalist in the 2013 Dutch Design Awards. (West8)



  • How’s this for a blast from the past? GGW shows off the 1892 map of the L’Enfant City. Check out those winding pathways on the Mall and pinprick street trees! (Greater Greater Washington)





  • Action Alert! The House is threatening to strip hundreds of millions of dollars from the Transportation budget, including innovative TIGER grants that made the amazing Indianapolis Cultural Trail possible. Contact your Representatives and Senators today to express your support for transit. (Streetsblog)



  • Rookie gardeners, have no fear; the folks at Earth Starter have created a ‘paint by numbers’ solution, the Nourishmat. They’re hoping to launch it with the help of Kickstarter. If you want to support them click here; there’s still a week to go and they’re about 20 grand short of their goal. (Urban Gardens)



  • Decaying and broken down gas stations are a spreading scourge across the American landscape. Lucas Lindsey writes a great piece on how we can “refuel” abandoned gas station. Check it out. (This Big City)


  • Our bees are dropping dead like flies. This is a huge problem, which luckily, three talented Sam Fox School students have been tackling with pollinator-friendly design. Their recently installed pollinator sculpture looks like a crazy dreamcatcher, but has all the right (and recycled) components that attract bees. (Sam Fox School)


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