The Daily Blend for Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Daily Blend for Thursday, July 25, 2013

Would you believe these beautiful colors were painted from toxic runoff? Two Ohio professors turn the polluted byproducts of acid mine drainage-afflicted streams  into beautiful pigments with hopes that the sales of these paints will fund stream remediation. (Smithsonian)




  • LSU shares tales of the orient with an article spotlighting landscape architecture professor Max Conrad’s teaching experience at Sichuan Agricultural University in Chengdu, China. (LSU)


  • The silent killer: outdoor air pollution claims as many as 2.5 million lives a year, and has even estimated to be shortening the lifespan of an average Chinese person living in smog-ridden urban centers by 5.5 years. Climate change exacerbates this problem, but landscape architects may help combat these trends. (The Dirt)


  • Sharpen your drawing pencils! Gasper Habjanic has just launched Linescapes, a Youtube channel that will contain drawing tutorials for landscape architecture. (Youtube)


  • Whether it’s a fellowship, a RFQ, or a design competition, ASLA is hoping to keep your landscape architecture needs covered with their Opportunities & Events database. (ASLA)




  • Mosstika produces green graffiti in every sense of the phrase. These living, mossy works of art breathe life onto some of NYC’s most unexpected and neglected alleys. (Jetson Green)


  • Yesterday, I featured an article that tackled defunct gas stations. But that’s just the beginning; what are we going to do with all these empty box box stores and empty malls? Today’s teenagers favor social media over malls, forcing major retailers to close down stores across the country. Karl Benfield discusses some grim facts about the suburbia landscape as well as some hopeful tales. (Switchboard)


  • Can you identify a city by the density and locations of Starbucks? If so, try out Slate’s fun Starbucks Urbanism quiz! (Slate)


  • Metropolis interviews architect, planner, and founding member of the Congress for the New Urbanism, Peter Calthorpe, on his interactions with the Chinese government on urban growth in China, how America is starting to right the wrongs of suburban sprawl, and the future of high-speed rail in California. (Metropolis)

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