The TOP 10 Qualities of Great Landscape Architects

The Pulse Park, by Cebra, Kildebjerg Ry, Denmark. Photo credit: Mikkel Frost

Article by Frank Bourque We take a look at 10 Qualities of Great Landscape Architects. “Heroes of the design community.” This is a common definition of landscape architects. They are responsible for bringing us the future of design. But even more than that, they are creating art with every structure they design and bring to life. Some landscape architects work alone, and some are part of a team. Working collaboratively with other professionals is important, however, it is not the most vital thing when it comes to the role itself. But what defines a successful landscape architect? In other words, what qualities do great landscape architects have?

Great Landscape Architects

10. Their Knowledge Base Extends Beyond Their own Profession A professional landscape architecture degree is the root of every landscape architect’s knowledge. Technically, a degree in landscape architecture is a must so that one can design and develop new projects. Understanding the principles of landscape architecture and how design works in practice comes from the classrooms. However, having a degree is one thing and being knowledgeable is another. Speaking of which, a degree in landscape architecture involves a lot of knowledge in the fields of design, engineering, ecology, biology, etc. WATCH>>> Bloomingdale Trail

9. They are the Innovative Architects Today’s Society Needs Landscape architecture is not only designing and building inside the comfort zone. It is the perfect marriage of art and science and gives form to living spaces which are more comfortable and user-centric. Landscape architecture has a lot to do with giving structures a true purpose. Landscape architects, therefore, not only design beautiful things; they create purposeful areas that make living better.

The red carpet awaiting your presence; credit: Martha Schwartz Partners

The red carpet awaiting your presence; credit: Martha Schwartz Partners

8. They are Ecologists Thinking about the environment and being aware of all the changes that happen in it when designing something new is definitely a unique trait. Landscape architects pride themselves on having it and always considering it with every new project. This form of architecture meets the highest standards of ecology and environmental awareness.
Qunli Stormwater Park. Photo credit: Turenscape

Qunli Stormwater Park. Photo credit: Turenscape

7. They are Resourceful A landscape architect thinks outside the box and works with less to create more. Being resourceful in creating new structures is therefore a great quality – and a growing trend in every industry, more or less. 6. They can Think Ahead Landscape architects know everything about changes and when they are going to happen. In a nutshell, the world of landscape architecture is all about following new trends and putting them to practice in different living spaces. Therefore, every landscape architect knows how to use the new trends – but they also take the weather and climate conditions into consideration for a living space that is comfortable and enjoyable. 5. They are Communicative Successful landscape architects always consider the needs of the client and put them in first place when designing and developing a new project. They are communicative and know how to explain the ‘innovation’ to the rest of the world and show them why it is bound to work. Aside from being communicative, landscape architects know many ‘languages’ and are able to seamlessly express themselves through drawings, specifications, and technical language as well as plain, everyday language. This, once again, tells a lot about how important understanding landscape architecture actually is. 4. They are Hard Workers Landscape architects usually work around 40 hours per week, not considering any additional hours that are usually required when planning and designing a new project. Although they spend a lot of time travelling to various sites, their focus is always adapted to working outdoors and in all weather conditions. 3. They Appreciate Design and Take Advantage of it Every great landscape architect lives and breathes design. They have a high appreciation of all design principles and are avid followers of the current trends. After all, every landscape project is an innovation in design and a scratch on the surface of possibilities for the future. 2. They Know Their way With Computers Creating landscape architecture masterpieces is not only work for pencil and paper. Landscape architects excel when it comes to using many programs and are digitally educated accordingly. One example can be the use of computer-aided design (CAD) programs that better their technical and scientific understanding. 1. They are Amazingly Creative Being creative is one of the top-shelf qualities landscape architects have. Art and innovation are definitely one of the fastest growing trends when it comes to architecture. Landscape designers blend them together in a unified approach. Moreover, a professional landscape designer’s main aim is to provide an even greater purpose when designing a living space, as well as tailor it to the latest design principles.
The Pulse Park, by Cebra, Kildebjerg Ry, Denmark. Photo credit: Mikkel Frost

The Pulse Park, by Cebra, Kildebjerg Ry, Denmark. Photo credit: Mikkel Frost

So, What do all Great Landscape Architects Share?

In the end, a great landscape architect is an engineer, visionary, communicator, designer and ecologist. He is able to connect with his environment and determines, with the help of science and design, innovative ways of creating functional and practical spaces that inspire. There are endless job opportunities for landscape architects nowadays in the residential, commercial and industrial construction fields. In addition, the already-designed projects are only the tip of the iceberg. It is up to us to see what the future brings in landscape architecture. However, one thing is certain; this industry is changing the world, one project at a time.


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