Education is one of the most important things in my life, and I believe that an individual should never stop going to school, adapting their ideas and beliefs, and ultimately becoming as knowledgeable as possible. The relationship between people, and the spaces and environments that surround them have always been of upmost interest to me. There are so many different ideas and technologies that are constantly being invented, adapted and readapted, which provides an individual like me endless opportunities to express myself in unique ways, while pleasing others at the same time.

For me, Landscape Architecture, and Environmental Design are not only forms of science, but of art as well. Office spaces, homes and buildings of all sorts are needed for everyday life in modern society, and are the canvases for Landscape architects to express themselves. Not only does the landscape architect need to take livability and function into account when designing, but it is also necessary for the project to have a sense of artistic relief to create different raw emotions and subconscious guidelines to the visitor. The psychology of human nature is very interesting to me. Creating visual obstacles, focal points and things of that nature to trick the viewer into believing something they are not accustomed to, or feeling something they have not felt before is a challenge only great architects can conquer.

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