10 Most Viewed Land8 Landscape Architecture Groups of 2013

Hope y’all are enjoying the winter holidays! For the final week of our 2013 countdown, we’re taking a look at the top 10 most viewed Land8 landscape architecture groups of 2013. Unlike our more general Discussion Forum, each Land8 group features a separate sub-forum and commenting system with a focus on a specific topic. Thanks to your input, Land8’s 250+ groups have grown into valuable resources for landscape architecture. Hit the jump to see which groups were the most popular this year!



1. SketchUp

created by John Pacyga

A place to discuss SketchUp: help, tools, and processes to make it work for Landscape Architects.

2. Portfolios and Resumes – Design Strategies

created by Jennifer de Graaf

Resumes, Portfolios, leave-behinds, mailers, digital and in print! Landscape Architects need to be able to showcase their work. Discuss the marketing materials we use to apply for jobs and show prospective clients here.

3. LEED in Landscape Architecture

created by Oona Johnsen

Discuss and get help from other landscape architecture professionals regarding LEED including topics such as: issues dealing with specific credits, becoming a LEED AP, as well as sharing project examples.


created by Brandon Reed

For anyone starting the licensure process, fed up with the licensure, or just want to share knowledge and advice or whatever…come and join me!

5. 3ds Max + Landscape Architecture

created by Michael Van Beek

Landscape architects using 3ds max for design representation UNITE. share work, images and techniques.

6. Middle East Landscape

created by Steve Buckle

Lounge for all working or considering work in the Middle East and the surrounding areas.

7. Residential Design Group

created by Kevin J. Gaughan

This is a group for professionals who focus either partially or mainly on the residential sector of Landscape Architecture.

8. Graphics

created by Brandon Reed

For all of you who want to get better at perspective sketching and color rendering or any other graphic techniques you would like to share or discuss

9. Drawing Shortcuts

created by Andrew Spiering

This group was set up for anyone who has every attended a workshop or webinar with Jim Leggitt and for those who would like to learn his Drawing Shortcut techniques.

10. Digital Assets and Resources

created by Shimi Dahan

Discusses landscape-specific software, techniques, standards, libraries, procedures, templates. An experienced landscape architect and CAD manager provides advice and consultation services.

You can explore more Land8 Groups here or, if you don’t see the one you want, create your own!

Lead image via Jim Leggitt (Drawing Shortcuts Land8 Group)

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