10 Ways To Keep Up the Momentum

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, right? That’s how my partner and I are looking at it these days with the economy being as it may. We’re at the point of waiting on a ton of projects to drop, so it is a great time to reassess all aspects of our lives and business. While we sat down to put together a nice long list of our priorities, I thought I’d put together another list that could apply to just about anybody in the land8lounge world. Hopefully this list of free or nearly free options keep you inspired to start something new, and perhaps propel you or your business to exciting uncharted waters:

1. Join, or even start, a Green Drinks chapter (it’s free and they’re sprouting up everywhere):

2. Volunteer for Earth Day this month, at a Community Garden, or for a non-profit in your area

3. Brush up on your presentation skills by offering to speak at an event of your choosing

4. Brush up on your marketing material or create an online portfolio (see here)

5. Enroll in a design competition, i.e. Garden Design’s Green Awards that are taking submissions until May 1:

6. Attend an LARE practice session… June is coming soon, folks

7. Find a unique building or garden you want to explore, and see if you can get a tour

8. Find a designer or firm that really inspires you and find out what makes them tick

9. Look up specialty certificate or continuing education programs, or beta exams offered for free or at a lower rate

10. Take it a step further and write about your new experience in any paper or online format, maybe even here on the site!

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